Corsair Obsidian 800D and Liquid Cooling Assistance

By GhostRyder
May 27, 2013
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  1. So my rig is as follows:

    Case: Corsair Obsidian 800D
    Processor: FX 8350 (Currently 4.7ghz)
    Ram: Gskill Trident X 1866
    Mobo: Asus Crosshair V-Z
    GPUs: Powercolor HD 6990s with Swiftech Epsilon Water Blocks
    Cooling: XSPC RX360 Extreme Liquid cooling with a XSPC 140mm Single Rad at the back and the XSPC dual bay reservoir with Swiftech MC650v Pump.

    At the moment, I have a Negative Air pressure going through my case due to lack of inputs for intake on the case. Right now, I have a 140mm Fan at the bottom intaking air, and my Radiators are mounted at the top and back areas according to sizes exhausting with 6 fans at top and 2 at the back. Right now temps even under gaming loads like BF3 are fine and Prime 95 on my 8350 for an hour never exceeds 64 degrees. But I am trying to go a bit further and I dont like having a negative air pressure in the case because I like more air being pulled through the filters to prevent so much dust build up on the Radiators and such.

    My Co-Worker recommended me reversing the 140 to intake with a filter at the top and even though the air would be warm, it would add better cooling is what he believes. Im not so sure and I hate to do that and then just reverse it back because it harms the temps. What do yall think or does anyone have any alternative solutions. Bear in mind im happy with my current fans as they are nice fans and I like the sound I get from them. They are Aerocool Shark 140mm and Cooler Master Sickle Flow 120mm fans.

    My Cooling system currently runs in this order:

    Any ideas, I wanted to have more overclocking headroom to eventually try 5.0ghz and also I just wanted to be able to have better cooling all around. Thanks for any help!
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  2. St1ckM4n

    St1ckM4n TS Evangelist Posts: 2,922   +630

    Massive OC CPU and TWO dual-gpu beasts, all off the one loop? All I can say is --> :O
  3. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,515   +974

    That is awesome. Nice build man.
  4. GhostRyder

    GhostRyder This guy again... Topic Starter Posts: 2,198   +593

    St1ckM4n It seems to be fine as is, I have the GPU's on BIOS option 2 which is 880mhz and even with the overclocks my temps on both CPU and GPU stay low enough to be more than safe. However I have tried going further on the CPU and though Prime does not hurt, the hot liquid does start getting to it under heavy game loads (And prime still gets hotter than I want). I just want more :p

    JC713 Thanks, ive built all my previous gaming rigs, though this is the first one ive gone a little crazy on the specs with. Always wanted to have one so one day I just started out moderate and kept adding to it.

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