Counter strike ping issue

By fushu · 4 replies
Jul 21, 2008
  1. I have serious ping issue when playing counter strike. My ping just bounces between 20-80 constantly which makes my bullet registry horrible and unplayable. Also every 5-10 minutes it goes up to around 150 for a few seconds then drops back to 20-80.

    I have Time Warner Cable (TV and Internet) Roadrunner Turbo 1mbps/10mbps.

    System Spec:
    Windows XP
    Dual Core X6800
    8800 Ultra
    4GB Ram
    300 GB 10000RPM WesternDigital
    300 GB 7200RPM Hitachi

    I tried almost everything I can think of.

    1. I check for spyware everyday so that is not the issue.
    2.This doesn’t happen just during the core times when everybody in the neighborhood is using the internet but during the whole day like 4AM etc.
    3.I checked if any software is running in the background, and also run->cmd->netstat gave me like 5-7 TCP lines. I uninstalled all anti-virus software, and have my windows firewall off.
    4.My counter strike rates are updaterate 101 cmdrate 101 rate 25000 fps_max 101
    5.I have no loss or choke ingame.
    6.I check my bandwidth at pretty often I get around Download 9900 kb/s –
    Upload 990 kb/s.
    7.I’m using wired connection through a wireless linksys router (WRT 310N), also tried connecting directly from the modem but I still have the issue.
    8.It’s not the server side’s problem, because I’m the only one in the server that has this issue and all the servers I join I have the issue.
    9.I’ve tried this system at another house close by that has Roadrunner, and I get perfect ping. I did change the HDD and memory after that but it doesn’t give me any problems so I doubt that is the problem.
    10.Updated all hardware drivers.
    11.Called Time Warner but they said there aren’t any problems with the connection on their side.

    I just moved into my apartment and I have to live here for at least a year with this bad connection!! Is there anything else I can check?? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Plz help!!
  2. raybay

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    Time to do a clean install, and walk through everthing on the reinstall, step by step. You have done everything else, and these gremins aren't going away until they show you who is boss.
    Remember that most awfuls cannot be detected. Sometimes there is no solution. You just move on.
  3. fushu

    fushu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the reply. I actually reinstalled my windows, steam and Counter Strike a week ago. Is there anything else I can check??
  4. fushu

    fushu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    bump plzz help!!
  5. Aolish

    Aolish TS Enthusiast Posts: 171

    I would call time warner more then once, perhaps more then twice. You should talk with 5 different ppl as each person has a different level of knowledge. Maybe even talk with several level 2 techs. If your absolutely sure you exhausted all options then maybe there's something causing the lag that is out of your control as well as TWCs control.... so try purchasing the KILLER NIC card thats suppose to help with lag.

    Based off of reviews it seems like a really great card. Read the comments for yourself.

    EDIT: Have you tried another modem/router (if you have one), dying routers can definitely cause some serious lag even with low pings.
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