Counter Strike Ping problem

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Jul 4, 2004
  1. Gemini

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    Well, I sure feel foolish. I dunno about your guy's problems, but mine was rather simple. The other computers on my network were soaking up my bandwith like a 5 pound sponge in a glass of water. :blush:
    anyways, best of luck in finding your problem.
  2. xpyrox04x

    xpyrox04x TS Rookie

    Hi kinda the same problem as above but on a bigger scale

    i have just recently got a new computer and internet.I had huge ping problems from the start but managed to sort them all out except counter strike. I have DSL>768k internet connection so my ping should be something like 10-15 but my average ping on counter strike 1500!!!! :confused: I was wondering if you could help i have tried a few of the above but i dont know how to do some of them as i have only just got counter strike and am a bit of a newbie Any help you can give would be greatly aprieciated. thanks
  3. 50cent

    50cent TS Rookie

    Man I had the same problem as you!
    I resolved by typyng fps_max 20 in console!
    (I use an 10 Mbit Metropolitan Accses/64Kbit Extern acces) :stickout: :D
  4. xpyrox04x

    xpyrox04x TS Rookie

    sorted :)

    sorted mine out, its all to do with the bandwidth. i rang up my service privider and told them and they increased nadwidth. this got my ping down to 60 odd. strange thing is, when i got my new graphics card (radeon 9600GT :D:D) my ping dropped to 15! so on most servers my ping is now 10-20 and i now run at 512k!! can you believe it! :angel:
  5. Austin44

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    Well i wanna throw this out there but im sure u all know this, make sure if u have a firewall that it is a accpeted app. again im sure u know this but it doesnt hurt to check. also if ur on a router check router properties cus routers can really be a pain(i know mine is) also check updates for ur network card.

    i hope this helps :)
  6. xpyrox04x

    xpyrox04x TS Rookie


    lol, one piece of advice i can give is dont play cs with a router if possible, creats HUGE lag on most players ive seen unless they are running at atleast 2MB connection, a waste if you ask me :/
  7. Austin44

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    i hate routers :mad: , just wanted to add that.
  8. lhuynh1210

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    wats ur rate, cuz i have dsl too and i have mine at 25000. plus ur playing on cs 1.5 right? also 50cent, setting ur fps to 20...... that doesnt make cs better it acually makes it worse cuz fps is the speed of ur person
  9. AJR

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    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! i have exactly the same problem! my nets fast but CS isnt even when it sais it is i mean like wtf is goin on here :| im using steam so i have all the latest updates but dosnet fix it. I also remember about my anti virus system finding a hompage virus i think just before this problem happened :S ive run all the virus programs and removed them all and also used spybot to remove all syware. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH whats the solution :)?
  10. Counter Strike Ping

    1. uninstall steam and delete any traces of it being on your computer, this is because some config files could still be left on especially if you added extra files. Do this by going to start at the bottom left hand corner of your screen and then going to programs then steam and then uninstall or going to control panel and click on add/remove programs and finding steam and deleting it THEN you go to my computer and then local disk C drive or which ever drive you installed steam to. Then you go to program files. Then find Steam or Valve which ever it is for you, and delete it. Now its off your computer and you are ready to re-instll it. So then reinstall it. Because the problem could be you installed something and it made it slow or it could be a hack or something else.

    2. go into counter strike then go to option and it should start on multiplayer tab where it shows how you want your crosshair and what you want your name to be if not just go to it. Then go to advanced and change "Smoke Gas grenade sprite quality", change it from best looking slowest to worst looking fastest for smoke grenades. Now go to audio and change the sound quality to low. Make sure the two checkboxes that say "Enable EAX Hardware Support" and "Enable A3D Hardware Support" are not checked. Then press apply. Then go to video and change it from software to D3D to Open GL. Now you should be all set for as far as options go.

    3. Right click on steam down in your task bar and click on settings. In setting click on the internet tab. Where it says Internet Connection Speed click on the drop-down box and change it to Cable/Fibre > 10M

    4. Some console command you can type that will help to change your fps.
    fps_max 1000
    developer 1
    cl_cmdrate 20
    cl_updaterate 20
    rate 30000

    5. The problem could just be that there is a lot of network load. It will usually happen more often if there are lots of computers in your house that use the internet. There isn't much you can do about it but wait. You could also go check what they are doing on the computer and if you think it may be causing the whole house to lag ask them to do it some other time.

    6. The problem could be that you are running other things in the background. So to fix it check what programs you have running in the background, like maybe your copying something still or a download is going. Also check your taskbar see whats running. Close anything you do not need and wait for the rest. Also check the bar your clock is in, see what you have there and close anything you do not need. Now once you have done that go into task manager(Ctrl + Alt + Delete). go into processes and order the list by Mem Usage by clicking on the title that sais Mem Usage until you get the larger numbers at the top of the list. Check through those and find ones that are using a lot of memery that you do not need or dont mind ending. Next order it by CPU, by clicking on the title that sais CPU until you get the higher numbers at the top, there should not be a lot of processes that use a lot of CPU but find ones you don't need and close it off. Also the names of the procceses being used are the names of the programs, not the shortcuts you use to open them but the program where the shortcut is targetted to. So some of the names may be confusing and I would just leave them alone. Another thing you could do either before, after or both is check in the performance tab and take a look at the meter and the graphs. If they are at high percentages then that is not good and you should end processes to lower them. If this does not work and they are still high don't worry about it, it is probably something else like spyware, adware or viruses. Also if you ended a process and then your desktop and everything on your screen was gone except the background it's because your ended a process called explorer. Its simple to fix, either through the applications tab or through the menu at the top in file, click New Task. in the box it gives you type explorer or explorer.exe, and give it a couple seconds to reload itself.

    7. The problem could also be caused by adware, spyware or viruses. So if you do not have a virus protector, adware protector or spyware protector you should really consider getting one, also most adware protectors are actually for both adware and spyware same goes with spyware. So on your antivirus run a Full System scan so that it can scan everything on your computer, this will take long but it is for the best. While that goes open your adware/spyware program and run a full system scan. If it picks up anything have it delete/remove it from your computer.

    8. Ping is caused by internet so it's about your internet. If you have tried everything and you just can't get it better or no matter what you do it doesnt ever go below a certain number or range, and you computer is cleaned and there is nothing wrong with it. Then it is most likely your internet Speed. dial up is by far the worst connection speed and dsl is the best, but i'm not sure, don't quote me on it. I don't know much about this but I have cable and counter-strike runs fine so if you have cable or better and having this problems it's not your internet and it would be something else. But find out what you have look it up, and see where it would fit in and if it is better or worst than cable.

    9. Internet Speed is another one, a big one. First you need to check your internet speed. So go to control panel and make sure your in classical view, if you don't like this view change it back when your done following along. To make sure your in classical view you can tell if there are programs in it and not catagories. Once your in it click on network connections. Find your internet connection you use to connect to the internet cause some people will have more than one connection in there, especially if you use wireless. If you don't know which you use then it will say Local Area Connection X(x representing a number). go down to your taskbar and find the icon with 2 computers on it and hover your mouse over it. A box should appear eventually and it will say at the top what it is. When you find it double click on it or right click on status. When your in status, under the connection group, go to speed. If your speed is 100.0 mbps or higher you should be good.

    If you know that you have a 100.0mbps connection speed but it's giving you lower then it's either you have a setting on your router that sets it to 10, if so figure out how to take it off for your specific router. It could be you have a switch that your connected to and its set to 10, if so figure out how to take it off for your specific switch. Usually there is a little switch on the side of it and just flick that to 100 if it's there.

    It could be your network card only allow you to do 10. If it is this then right click on my computer and go to manage. In manage go down to device manager. In device manager go down to network adapters and expand it. Double click on the network adapter you are using. near the top should be some tabs, switch between them until you find some settings you can change. On the setting find where you can set your duplex, usually would be named link speed. When you find it set it to Auto. This one may get tricky especially if you have never done this before. So if you get stuck or would just like help for whatever reason look at the bottom of the post and add me to your contacts or email me.

    10. It could be a switch that you are connected to like mentioned in the ninth instruction. All you need to do is find out how to set your conncetion speed for the specific switch you have and do that. Usually there would be a little switch at the side of it that you can slide. Slide it to 100 if you don't know which is 100 then I would figure it out before starting to slide it. Because you could be trying to figure out what it is forever by just sliding it and checking your computer, because it could be another reason and it could be this and another reason. If you think its another reason then read instruction 8 & 9.

    11. It could not be anything wrong at all you could just be going to laggy servers. A good way to test this is to go to a server with very little ping. And a good rule of thumb is to not go into any servers server with over 120 ping I even avoid ones with 100 ping or higher. Another way of testing this is to go to create game instead of find sever. set the settings you want for it and click start. If you lag there then there is definately a problem.

    This will not affect ping, but it will help to see how you are doing with ping
    cl_showfps 1 (shows your fps in the top left hand corner of the screen)
    net_graph 3 (shows your fps and other network related activity in the bottom right hand corner of the screen)

    I have noticed that this post has gotten to be a popular one, so I have updated my contact information. This has been updated as of Sunday, April 15, 2007 6:08PM ET
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    I have the same problem.......
  12. TimeParadoX

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    Damn lawl that's the longest post I ever seen =P

    Also it's amazing.. over 13,600 people have seen this topic and only 36 replied xD
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    Mine does that too, my internet is fine, I just got a new router....I hould be pinging between 30-80, yet my ping never goes below 100 when I play CS:Source, is there something that I can do to get it down? I'm running DSL, and I should be getting a lower ping. Everything else is fine, no adware, viruses, and my DL speed is normal, it just happens when I play CS:Source.
    Help please?
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    i have same problem with condition do i set cl_cmdrate n cl_updaterate......coz my ping is going above 500 evn with a 256k modem
  15. bloodrayne

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    ok lemme see if this is gonna help
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  18. travka801

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    please hrlp!
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