Counter-Strike server won't respond

By drprpapi23
May 25, 2011
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  1. Hey what up guys i've been having this problem with counter strike 1.6 lately when it usually works. Every server says it's not responding & i also tried to connect from the console. i also try spamming the join game button but it still don't work. here's the thing i deleted my masterserver.cdf file and downloaded ones from numerous sites with no prevail. i also uninstalled and reinstalled my game and the problem is still there. i also tried numerous versions of counter strike including but not limited to v42 protocol 48 and all of them have the same thing. i tried disconnecting my firewall and i also port forwarded counter strike and despite all this it still doesn't work. Funny thing is counter strike source works perfectly. You guys know the problem to this? i'm extremely frustrated with this problem for this game which i think is full of bugs for me.i looked everywhere for solutions but couldn't find it spending the entire last couple of days trying to find them.

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