Counter Strike source lag issue

By imrapsmvp
Jun 30, 2010
  1. So ive been playing Css for a while now... and now when i try to join a server i lag lag and lag. My ping is a constant 30-50 and my choke is very loiw also. Ive played this game before and i mean it hasnt done this at all. I also play counter strike 1.6 There is no lag or skipping there. This is very frustrating help would be much appreciated. Also, i am not a techy person so if you do give help(which i hope you should) be very specific and explain things throughly!Thanks
  2. imrapsmvp

    imrapsmvp TS Rookie Topic Starter

    UPDATE: my ping in game is still a constant 30-50 but the ping on my netgraph is around 500 when i spike and lag around. Also, we i make a bot game or create a game it doesnt lag at all. So im guessing this is a Network issue?
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