Counter Strike : Source Ping Rising and De_Aztec Help, HARD PROBLEM

By British_Command
Jul 20, 2006
  1. Right im playing on counter strike source and on any serevers even when they are in the same country as mine (UK) my ping rises to around 300 - 500!

    It will lower but it can take just like a minute to lower or sometimes 20 mins but by then im kicked from server, i dont run any programs in background like MSN or download but i have zonealarm and AVG dell support steam and thats about it.

    Those are the programs running in the tray, i do have more background proccesses but i they are small. Ive done a recent virus / spyware scan and only 1 thing came up and that was low risk and deleted.

    Also i do get the effects of ping rising i start to stutter as bad a gareth gates and like i move to a place and disappear to a different place.

    Its annoying and recently i updated my RAM to 1024MB from 512MB and before i never used to lag on de_aztec and now i do! i dont know why please help!

    i do the command 'rate 18000 or 15000' that lowers it for around 10 - 30 mins and rises again!

    Please help!
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