Counterstrike config help.

By rushx
Apr 9, 2004
  1. I really need some help with my config, some admin messed with my rcon, and is being an *** about it, he messed with my m_yaw, m_pitch, and fps_max. He also messed with something else taht makes me have choke, (i had zero before.) I am really trying to figure out what it is. It is not cl_cmdrate, cl_updaterate, or cl_rate; they are all what they were before. If anyone can help me with this i will be extremely grateful. My config :

    _cl_autowepswitch "0"
    _snd_mixahead "0.1"
    ati_npatch "0"
    ati_subdiv "0"
    bgmvolume "1.000000"
    bottomcolor "3"
    brightness "1"
    cl_allowdownload "1"
    cl_allowupload "1"
    cl_backspeed "400"
    cl_career_difficulty "0"
    cl_cmdbackup "2"
    cl_cmdrate "101"
    cl_corpsestay "600"
    cl_dlmax "128"
    cl_download_ingame "1"
    cl_dynamiccrosshair "0"
    cl_forwardspeed "400"
    cl_himodels "0"
    cl_idealpitchscale "0.8"
    cl_lc "1"
    cl_logocolor "#Valve_Red"
    cl_logofile "gun1"
    cl_lw "1"
    cl_minmodels "0"
    cl_righthand "1"
    cl_shadows "1"
    cl_timeout "305"
    cl_updaterate "101"
    cl_vsmoothing "0.05"
    cl_weather "0"
    con_color "255 255 255"
    console "1"
    crosshair "1"
    fastsprites "0"
    fps_max "151"
    fps_modem "0"
    gamma "3"
    gl_dither "1"
    gl_flipmatrix "0"
    gl_monolights "0"
    gl_overbright "0"
    gl_polyoffset "0.1"
    hisound "1"
    hpk_maxsize "1"
    hud_capturemouse "1"
    hud_centerid "0"
    hud_draw "1"
    hud_fastswitch "1"
    hud_saytext_internal "1"
    hud_takesshots "0"
    joystick "0"
    lookspring "0.000000"
    lookstrafe "0.000000"
    m_filter "0"
    m_forward "1"
    m_pitch "0.022"
    m_side "0.8"
    m_yaw "0.022"
    model "gordon"
    MP3FadeTime "2.0"
    MP3Volume "0.600000"
    mp_decals "100"
    name "ch@os ! RusH <ThomaS>"
    net_graph "3"
    net_graphpos "1"
    net_scale "5"
    r_bmodelhighfrac "5"
    s_a3d "0.0"
    s_automax_distance "30"
    s_automin_distance "2"
    s_bloat "2.0"
    s_distance "60"
    s_doppler "0.0"
    s_eax "1"
    s_leafnum "0"
    s_max_distance "1000"
    s_min_distance "5"
    s_numpolys "200"
    s_polykeep "1000000000"
    s_polysize "10000000"
    s_refdelay "4"
    s_refgain "0.4"
    s_rolloff "1.0"
    s_verbwet "0.25"
    sensitivity "4.600000"
    skin "2"
    spec_autodirector_internal "0"
    spec_drawcone_internal "1"
    spec_drawnames_internal "1"
    spec_drawstatus_internal "1"
    spec_mode_internal "2"
    spec_pip "0"
    suitvolume "1.000000"
    sv_aim "0"
    sv_voiceenable "1"
    team "2"
    topcolor "30"
    viewsize "110"
    voice_enable "1"
    voice_forcemicrecord "1.000000"
    voice_modenable "1"
    voice_scale "1"
    volume "1"
    setinfo "s" "67108863"
    setinfo "s2" "67108863"
    setinfo "s3" "67108863"
    setinfo "_atac" "0"
    setinfo "_vgui_menus" "0"
    setinfo "_ah" "0"
    exec userconfig.cfg

    thankyou for your help ahead of time (if i get any :( )
  2. rushx

    rushx TS Rookie Topic Starter

    also, when it says downloading security module, it ranges from 10-90 seconds, varying choke being the former, and 100 choke being the latter (at all times).
  3. HAPYman

    HAPYman TS Rookie

    trixy admins

    I had the same problem on a server that I used to play on... except it would automatically change my cl_sidespeed in my config.cfg to something below 400 making strafing almost impossible. My best advice would be to look at the default values of certain vars besides the cl_cmdrate cl_updaterate etc.

    I briefly looked through your list and the only thing I could see off hand was that your cl_cmdbackup was set at 2... and fromt he look of ur cl_updaterate and cl_cmdrate and cl_dlmax "128" you must have a pretty decent internet connection. I stopped at tweak3d and they say someone with those specs should be running a cl_cmdbackup of about 60 and a cl_resend of 6.
    This site has some of the standard information about settings for different types of internet connections and also a decent explanation of choke and loss. Here is the site: Tweak3D

    2. I WENT INTO WINDOWS AND MADE MY CFGs "READ-ONLY" THEREFORE ANY CHANGES THAT TAKE PLACE DURING GAME ARE NOT PERMANENT (hence fixes the problem of allowing admins to permanently change ur settings.)

    I am sorry that I couldn't give any real specific advice because as you can see I am no expert myself :rolleyes: But I hope some of this information helps, especially in preventing this from happening again. One last thing, you might want to try HLtoolz to get custom settings for your internet connection. GOOD LUCK!
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