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By BrendanK
Dec 26, 2009
  1. Ok, as a christmas gift for my brother I got the components to assemble him a new pc, however I've just hit my first hardware snag while trying to prep the cpu cooler. I picked up a coolermaster Genini which supposedly is compatable with my board, the things is, it requires that the existing mounting be removed.
    And while removing the four screws attaching the mounting bracket to the backplate was straightforward, the two peices still refuse to seperate from the motherboard. There was a bit of plastic stuff on the screws so is it likely that the manufacturers glued the peices into place?
    And if so, how do I seperate the components without damaging the board in the process?
  2. BrendanK

    BrendanK TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ah, nevermind, after posting this, I took another look at the board, contemplated a few other posts and tried using a tiny screwdriver to pop the nuts out of the rear plastic housing. Instead the rear mounting plate simply came off, and the front as well. The new cpu cooler is in place.
  3. CMH

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    I'm glad we could help.
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