CPU Cooling

By Steg
Aug 10, 2003
  1. Due to this incredebly hot weather (100 degrees f ambient) i have decided i need a new CPU cooler - especially seeing as i have just started overclocking my graphics card.
    currently my CPU reachs nearly 70 decrees c under load and my internal caase temp reachs nearly 50 which is just too hot.
    so i was wondering if anyone could recommend me a CPU cooler that will
    a) fit a a7n8x-deleux
    b) look good
    c) be fairly noise-less
    d) cool my 2100+ better than the AMD retail fan

    i was looking at getting a Coolermaster Heatpipe (my dad has one and his 1800+ stays at about 35 degrees) but i cant seem to find them anywhere - are they out of production?



    EDIT - if the cooler supports up to 2800+ that would be even better (a friend is offering me a 2800+ for £50 when he gets his Athlon 64 but that might be 6 months)
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