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By Cypher2006
Jan 23, 2006
  1. Right i have problem, i was always going to order a Socket A processor but the websites are kinda...not selling them anymore..if i was to buy a different socket what else would i have to but buy getting anew socket. is it only the Motherboard and the processor that really matters..or do i have to get socket 939 powersupply, Please help

    thank you
  2. vnf4ultra

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    Your psu could work, if it has enough power. Edit: you probably do need a new one as one of your posts states you have a 250w psu, you probably should have a high quality 350w+ psu, with at least 18a 12v.
    Here's a nice one for a low price, the fsp atx-400pnf
    (^scroll down).
    Your ram probably would work if it's ddr, but it's likely slower ddr ram, like pc2700.
    You likely have an agp graphics card, and there are several 939 boards that work with agp, so that should be ok.
    So, in a best case scenario, you might just get a new s939 agp mobo/s939 cpu and that'd be all.

    For example, this would be a pretty good upgrade IMO.

    Also, there are still socket a sempron/athlon xp cpus available in some online stores.
    (and you'd also need a heatsink with that cpu since it's oem)
    (and you might need thermal grease if the heatsink doesn't come with it).
  3. Cypher2006

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    ok man thx for adivce i will be looking into this
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