Cpu Fan Noise A fe times a day

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Jul 5, 2007
  1. Cpu Fan Noise A few times a day

    Hey frnds,

    need ur help. I have Amd 2800 processor with 512 ddr 2 ram, Asus motherboard, 333 Mhz Fsb. The problem is a starnge one.

    Shen i switch the system on in the mornin i get a starnge sound from the back of the Cabinet. I tried to find out where it is from and realised its from Fan. but if at that moment if it restart the system it vanishes and never re coccurs. till the time there is again a gap of 5-7 hrs in startin the system.

    I mean it occurs when the system is switched off for 5-7 hrs and then started. No problem with the OS or the programs.

    Pls suggest wat can be the solution.
  2. raybay

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    Check the blades of the fan, both front and back to assure that there is not a build up of dust and goo stuck to the blades. Any extra crud sticking to the blades can put them out of balance, thus creating noises.
    Any residue can be cleaned off with some Q-tips and denatured alcohol.
  3. ronald_peterson

    ronald_peterson TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for ur reply,

    iv cleaned all the blades, but tell me somethin y wud the sound be only after system is switched of for couple of hrs, y not every time i switch it on??
  4. raybay

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    Could be a lot of reasons. The important thing seems to be your belief that is where the noise is. Maybe you are mistaken?
    It is very common for various noises within a case to change as the computer becomes fully operational.
    Harmonics. cold vs warm bearings, characteristics of fan blades which flatten out some under rotational pressures, and so on.
    But the noise could be from the rattling of wires and cables when they are stiff when cold, then as they warm up. Cables and connectors may vibrate against the insides of the case, or when humming atop other components.
    Just as an experiment, you might try "cable ties" to change the collection of wires, or to bind them to firm supports up and away from the CPU fan.
    Not knowing the sound, or the source, we cannot be very helpful here.
  5. ronald_peterson

    ronald_peterson TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks buddy.
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