Cpu Fan Not Working!

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Dec 19, 2004
  1. I've got a standard Compaq Presario 6295EA and i thought that i could oc my cpu. So I bought myself the "Vortex Dream ACC-U72" and pluged it in to the motherboard. The cpu temp went up from 30*C(IDLE with standard cpu fan) to 40*C(IDLE with Vortex Dream, turned to full speed, the cpu was :hotbounce BURNING UP :hotbounce ). I opened the chasi and saw that the cpu fan wasn't turning. I tried the fan on my friends computer to insure that the fan wasn't defect and it worked like a charm. What can be wrong? my thoughts are that my power-supply isn;t good enough, but how can i tell?
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    Well, I dont think that the PSU is the problem. How did you connect the fan? I'd look closer at that, and, if you can, try plugging the fan into a different 3 pin connector. That will give you a better idea if its the fan or PSU.
  3. well I have a computer with a Presario Mobo and the fan plugs into the Mobo so if it were mine I would source the power for it straight from the wires out of the PSU but mine only has 2 wire 1 red 1 black :)
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    Well, thanx for the help but I've solved my problem.
    It turned out that the 3-pins connector to the cpu on the motherboard for some reason wasn't delivering enough power. So I borrowed my friends 3-pins to 4-pins connector and coneected the cpu through that directlly to the psu. AND IT WORKED AS A CHARM :D ! Thnax again for any help!
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    My sisters laptop has been having the same problems. I've not yet taken it apart since she goes to school in Utah and I live in Arizona. My dad had grabbed speedfan and when we looked at the temp, the harddrive should have been on fire. 122 f was the reading. At first when it started happening I didn't have a clue. The recent findings has helped, and I've been reading that many have found a ton of dust on the coolers. I'll have to take a look into that. :hotouch:
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