CPU fan wont stop working after replacing

By sabby476 ยท 7 replies
Feb 10, 2011
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  1. hey all....i replaced my cpu fan and i removed all the wires and after replacing when i put the power switch all the front panel buttons wont work and all the fans in the pc starts working also the computer doesn't start
  2. robin_bga

    robin_bga TS Rookie Posts: 171

    I think you missed some wires, eg the cpu power cable, its usually yellow and black, its next to the cpu heatsink.
    Or make sure that you ram is connected well and lastly check that you processor is locked well...
    Oh, i have forgotten, is you mobo an ATX with 24pin or 20pin?
    if its 24pin, make sure that all the power connectors are all in and well fitted..
    Hope that helps.
  3. tweakboy

    tweakboy TS Guru Posts: 467

    I agree, do this and check back with us. thx
  4. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,189   +470

    You didn't happen to use the wrong type of fan did you? Did you use a 3 pin case fan instead of a 4 pin CPU fan?
  5. sabby476

    sabby476 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah checked it all and it is 20 pin
  6. sabby476

    sabby476 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    it is the right fan i know thanx btw
  7. sabby476

    sabby476 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i think sumthing must have happened when i removed all the wires from the motherboard and then put em back
  8. robin_bga

    robin_bga TS Rookie Posts: 171

    Ok the other reason that can cause a board not to start is when it detects a short circuit, so i think try removing it and test it from a clean wooden or glass table. if that works then make sure you put that material that come with it, its sort of plastic sponge and its usually pink...
    Let us know what u findout after that.

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