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Jun 28, 2005
  1. I have a thermalright 947u heatsink, with a very loud 80mm thermaltake fan on it, could anyone recommend a quiet 92mm fan since im able to use this size. I use a large case with 1 intake and 2 exhaust 80mm fans that keeps it pretty cool, also I running a stock amd xp2800 that idles approx. 42c and 48c under load. I feel a bigger fan wont need to run as fast, so I hope I can quiet this thing down since the cpu fan is all i can hear...any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    probably any 92mm fan will quieten it down.....

    I'd suggest getting a 120mm fan with a 120-80mm adapter. That should work better, and you don't have to get some fancy 92mm fans (which are noisier btw).

    Currently using a 92mm Thermaltake UFO, at min hardly hear a thing, at max, its the noisiest thing on earth. Plenty of specs (including the db produced) on the net for this item, just google it. And its been performing well coupled with my Tt Golf 325.

    92mm isn't a too common size, so choices are limited compared to 80mm and 120mm fans. Its probably more expensive too for the same reason.
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    Did a quick google and this was what I found.
    First, checked out your HS (pretty heavy one, quite similar to mine, but larger and apparently better)
    http://www.atruereview.com/thermalright/thermalright2.php (has somefans recommended).

    Then I checked out the recommended fans.
    http://www.pccasegear.com/category33_1.htm (gotta scroll down to the 92mm ones)
    http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Delta_Fans_58.html (I suppose they used the 80mm one)

    If you want the quieter option, the larger fan is better, but its not exactly quiet. Here's a link to the Tt UFO.

    At min, its a quiet 17db (1298rpm), but its not anymore audible to me up to 2328 rpm (any higher and its more audible than the other fans I have). max is 3800 rpm.

    I like the fan because I can change its speed (and noise!) to what I need. It comes with a PCI fan control, but with some small DIY rearreangements can be connected to a 5.25" fan control of your choice (those multi fan controls... http://www.pccasegear.com/prod1212.htm).

    Probably said more than you asked for. Will stop here.
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    Thanks a bunch, lots of info. there, I'll go through it and make a decision, thanks adain!
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    There's not many choices listed, but here's something that didn't occur to me: www.pccasegear.com has plenty of fans, go through them, and google what looks good to see if there're any tests done on them (chances are, there is).

    Its an australian site, but all you need is a good list of fans available.

    There may be more under CPU cooling, so check that as well.

    Also, a fan for the casing doesn't mean it won't work with the CPU. Its just a fan, maybe with a different connector. If not plugged to the CPU, your only problem is that your BIOS might complain that there's no CPU fan attached, but thats easily fixed. Maybe you can't check fan speed from other monitoring programs too, but that probably isn't important to most people.

    But for me, a fan is a fan. If it fits, on it goes!

    Thats the same philosphy I apply in my choice of clothing, so if people wanna comment on my colour coordination, go ahead.
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