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Cpu thermal Paste??

By jesusasab
Mar 24, 2007
  1. First of all I want to sat hi everyone because im new here:)

    Now here is my problem:

    I have been having problems playing wow and upon comments from techspot and official wow tech forums fistly i updated my all drivers and tested my ram sticks by swapping them. Then used memtest and come out %100 no errors..Then upon told that i need to check my temperature and finding it a bit high i opened up my laptop and cleaned both fans and that made my laptop work better than it used to be...

    but the problem is that whwn i try to play wow or any other game my pc freeze and i need to push the power button to turn it off. Before doing the fan clean it used to work good at any game like battlefield CS etc except wow... Now it freezes even at a smallest game like crimson land..

    1)the thing that makes me worry is that when i removed the sink that hold two fans i was able to see my cpu on which there is a dried paste which i think is the connection between the fans case and the cpu... That paste is dried and broken ...being not much into hardware of computers i need to know is that the cause of my problem or something else...

    2) another thing is that when i try to check my bios settings the pc also freezes after 5 seconds...... And im not able to see any switch or battery which may let me to reset it....

    3) Another thing is that when i try to format my pc it also freezes and this makes me think that its not a software but a hardware issue

    finally my system is:

    eMachines m6810
    Mobile Amd anthlon 64
    processor 3200+
    2.00 ghz 1.00 GB of ram
    64 MB ati Mobility Radeon 9600/9700 series

    microsoft Windows xp
    home edition
    version 2002
    Service Pack 2

    thanks for any help in advance......
  2. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 14,198   +3,489


    Your PC is shutting down because it's overheating! If you don't stop you will destroy your CPU (precessor) Thermal compound is NOT reusable. The processor MUST be cleaned and new thermal compound MUST be installed before continuing to attempt using the machine. Visit www.articsilver.com for more information about thermal compounds and cleaners. I repeat, stop using your PC until you replace the thermal compound.

    *edit: please quote with parsimony*
  3. jesusasab

    jesusasab TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for fast reply

    i will now shut down my pc and go to a repair shop asap.

    Thanks for fast comment again:))
  4. honvetops

    honvetops TS Rookie

    artic 5 << this works just fine *
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