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Aug 2, 2005
  1. I have to under-clock my Amd Athlon xp 2800+ (barton core) its stock Front Side Buss (FSB) is set at 166 and the multiplyer is 12.5. I have installed everything correctly all drviers when i go to play any game i get blue screens,quits game automaically,resets.

    I fixed this but i had to under-Clock my FSB to 160. Why do i have to do this to get it to function correctly :eek:
    Cooling is not the problem as i have 5x90mm case fans 1800rpm-3000rpm.

    Any Suggestions ?
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    Sounds like u may have a ram or graphics card issue, u need to check them thoroughly.
  3. kimbo.ati

    kimbo.ati TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 135

    I know its not graphics problems becuase it has happened with all 3 of these different graphics card. geforce 5200,geforce 5700le,ati 9700pro. Ram is the same thing i have had kingston hyper x,Corsair low latency,generic.

    Im wondering about a bios update becuase i still have the first bios but i dont think i should update as my problem isnt listed in a bios fix.
  4. Rik

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    Ok i have 2 more suggestions then.
    Firstly, you could try decreasing your cpu multiplier and increasing the fsb to match. For example, it should run at 166 by 12.5 which equals 2075. so u could try 207 by 10 for example.
    Secondly, check all of the capacitors on your mobo for damage. Usually if one or more have blown they will have domed instead of flat heads. Also check if any feel wobbly as the legs can sometimes become detached internally. Be extremely careful when doing this as they are not very tough components. If u find ant blown ones they will need to be replaced.
  5. kimbo.ati

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    Ok, ill give it a shot. by the way rik my motherbaord has the multipliers locked.
  6. kimbo.ati

    kimbo.ati TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 135

    I downloaded Fuzzylogic 4 not long ago and i looked at the front side bus speed and it saya that it is 168.9 in the picture its a bit hard to see. But in the bios it is 160 what is going on here. it is not always say it is 168.9 most of the time it is 160 like it should be. What is happening here. Also i have a program called pc alert 4 both made by msi for my mainboard and pc alert says that my cpu is over 100degrees celcius. weird.

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    This sort of behaviour will not be tolerated on these forums, and is likely to get you banned. Please do not flame other members.

    Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.
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    :grinthumb gee i wouldn't want to be banned would i
  9. kimbo.ati

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    This thread is only for people who will actually answer the reated topic please leave if you do not intend on posting relavant information.
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    Next useless flaming post and someone will soon be pressing the ban button.
    Please stop with your flaming and unhelpful posts. If you wish to make a valid contribution to this community please do so, otherwise just leave.
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    That persno you speak of i assume has been deleted also i think he plays counter-strike becuase he speaks with such informality in sentances.
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