CPU usage at 100 when using Flash

By Ronian30
Feb 22, 2009
  1. For some reason when I go to sites that use Flash my browser (I use Firefox, but it also happens with IE) CPU goes to 100 and runs really slow. When I Ctrl, Alt, Delete and look at task manager the CPU for Firefox is near 100. I have updated Flash player, Shock player, and Abobe to the latest versions but the problem continues. If it is at 100 and I click to go to another page without Flash the CPU goes down and things seem normal again. Any ideas on whats going on, or any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

    I posted this in Other Software & Utilities also, not sure where it should go....
  2. jobeard

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    try some of the links on this page

    these are small and 'lightweight' -- are they for YOU?
  3. Ronian30

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    what i'm i suppose to do there, the page loads but thats it..................
  4. LookinAround

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    I'm not sure if this info will help but if misery loves company....

    I've experienced similar but different behavior with Firefox where:
    => Firefox contributes to most of the 100% CPU utilization i experience
    => However in my case i generally can't get it to stop by simply clicking to a different page
    => I don't use IE much at all so can't say i've seen it repeat in IE

    But here's some things i found that may or may not pertain to you as well (and any info you might provide me if you find similar may help me isolate the issue)
    1. What version of Firefox are you running? you indicate updating Flash Player and Adobe, FF should be v3.06
    2. Something i noticed and sometimes helps: Even AFTER all the Adobe Acrobat windows have been closed i still find an Adobe process running and taking up noticeable CPU. (i tend to notice it when i go looking at the firefox taking up most of the 100% CPU utilization) Do you find this as well? Sometimes killing the Adobe process helps but not always
    3. On occasion (after maybe 5+ minutes of 100% firefox usage) i get a message from Firefox about a script hanging in Flash Player 10. Sometimes it's a message about a script hanging in gmail
    4. I'll spare the detail as to why but if you could tell me, Do you happen to have a USB bluetooth dongle on your system?
    5. Are you running XP? Vista? and which SP level?
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