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May 7, 2006
  1. Ok, well i just installed a new mobo and a new cpu in my comp. I have a AMD athlon 64 3700 + 1 mb cache, 1600 mhz FSB 754 socket and 2.4 GHZ. I have a ABIT nf8-v pro 754 socket of course. It has a Nvidia chipset. I am also using 1 GB of ram pc 3200. My graphics card is a nvidia fx 5200 256mb AGP 4x/8x. I have a soundblaster soundcard (which souldn't matter except that i cannot use all my speakers on anything except half-life 2 which sux =[ unless im playing half-life 2 then it ROCKS!) A dvd-rw, CD-rw.I also have a western digital HD with 120 GBs, 8 mb buffer and about 7200 RPM or something like that. Like 6 total cooling fans (3 case, 2 power supply, 1 cpu) Power supply is about 400 watts. Im running windows xp profesional SP 2 (standard 32 bit version). Well...that is my comp specs, if i am missing anything that may be needed for a diagnostic later on for the question im about to ask just tell me. Also my facts may be a little off (just a tiny bit) because i kinda stoped working on my comp for over a month cause i was kinda depressed to know that i changed from a amd sempron 2800 plus (socket A) processor to this and this isn't even as good, with my old one i could do everything! =[. Ok...finnaly on to the question

    I have just changed my motherboard and cpu like said about. And now since the change my computer cannot play games. My computer runs after a while of screwing with windows and finnaly getting it to work. So now when i go into games the CPU goes to 100% usage and stays there. The only game i actually tried was age of empires 3. It went to the main menu and i noticed that the mouse scroll was going extreamly slow, and the people were actually teleporting...So i decided to look at the usuage and it was at 100%. So after that i just thought...omg nooo ....after all this....all this money, this love. And for my baby to actually just...fall short...Its like having a baby and find out that it has cerebal palsy....it just tore me up =[. (you may say that is a bit extream and it is but This is the first gaming computer i actually touched let alone made. I know this is a lot to read but when i start typing it just keeps coming. If you can help me i would appreciated it (and no i cannot send the processor back cause it has been way past 30 days. I have another 754 socket but it is a 2800 sempron that i was gonna use for testing and emergencys.
  2. zephead

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    there are many instances of viruses and malware that can cause this, i'd run those scans using AVG free and ewido anti-malware.
  3. benken2202001

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    since it only happens in games, i agree with zephead that its a software issue. However you might need a reformat. Seems like windows / directx issues. just partition any free space on your huge HDD, copy your "save" files over to it, then reformat / install windows back to the old partition
  4. Scintir

    Scintir TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, well i guess it could be the format. And my HDD isn't huge =]. Found some 500 GB hard drives for about $200 that was decent. ill try reformating it. How do i put all my saved ones on the unpartioned (i think i partioned it all) And it couldn't be a virus problem cause i don't have it hooked up to the internet. Im using my mom's crappy compaq right now.
  5. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    wait a minute...did you reformat or reinstall windows when you changed out the motherboard and processor?

    when you change the motherboard out with a different one, it is almost always nessesary to reinstall windows. often times the system simply won't boot until windows has been installed using the new board.
  6. Scintir

    Scintir TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, when i put in the new mobo and the new cpu i completly formatted the HDD and i reput in windows. then windows was screwing up so we tried to fix it. Then my uncle ghost his drive to mine to try to fix it. didn't work. Then i finnaly fixed it and i got on and deleted his stuff. But he had way to much and it had weird settings taht would talk forever to redo. So i just reformatted it again and reinstalled everything.
  7. Scintir

    Scintir TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, well i checked my computer for viruses with Avast anti-virus (i think it works pretty well) and no viruses have been found. I guess ill try to formatt the computer today.
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