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Nov 17, 2009
  1. Im not sure this is the right spot to post this. I have this tower I built about 2 years ago, a MSI (MB) AMD (Processor). I was running Vista Ultimate until Windows 7 was released and I decided to do a fresh install. About 6 months ago I started getting the blue screen and obviously a crash follows. Is it possible to be my hardware to be the issue?

  2. raybay

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    You haven't told us enough about the machine to help you... video graphics card? Memory? Power Supply? Connection method for the internet?

    But a simple answer to your question is, "Yes."
  3. red1776

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    in addition to the info that Raybay requested about your machine, is there a pattern in what you are doing when you get the BSOD? and are you overclocking? and finally are you able to read any or all of the blue screen error when it happens ( error codes)
  4. kpbradley

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    I have 4GB of corsair Memory, video card is a NVidia GeForce 7600, the power supply is a I think just a 720w generic and a ethernet internet connection. I run AVG anti-virus. There is no real pattern for the crash to happen and I never tryed to catch the error codes (I guess I should have done that before posting). With this machine I bought a refurbished MB which I think now was a mistake and will never do again.
  5. Ritwik7

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    Do you get the BSODs often. Try swapping out your memory and check each RAM module using memtest86+. I hope all your drivers are installed correctly.
  6. raybay

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    The video card is my suspect, based on other experience with it.
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