Create a dvd out of game installation

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Nov 6, 2009
  1. My damned little brother decided to give me a lesson and broke my game dvd. :(
    Fortunately I had installed it in my computer before that. I'm wondering does anyone know how to create an image from it like an .iso file or something like that. I just wish I could somehow have a way to install the game again if there are problems or I decide to play it on a different computer. Please help!
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    no its not possible to do this as most game setups copy files from the disk to the registry, these files are only written during the install and are stored on the setup disk.

    all you can do is beat the living daylights out of your brother and get him to buy you a new one.
  3. Check the website of the game's publisher or developer. Companies like Blizzard and Valve offer digital downloads of their games based on the retail CD-key. Also digital distribution services (like Steam) often accept retail CD-keys for games.
    Also try to call them and see if they can maybe replace the broken one (highly unlikely, but you never know until you try).

    Only as a last resort you can download a copy of the game (via torrent or by other means) and burn it. Then use the original retail CD-key when installing.
    (Note: I DO NOT condone the pirating of computer games or software, but in situations like this it might be the only way to get a copy of the lost disk)
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    Thanks for your replies. Unfortunately beating my brother won't help me getting my game dvd back since he's so young that he doesn't really have money for such things.
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    pity...wait until he's older than do it
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