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By smurf_goddess
Apr 14, 2006
  1. I am going to give you the whole story in case it helps.

    1. I am installing a DVD player in a Toshiba Tecra 8000 laptop. It has Windows 98 SE. It is a Pentium II. I will not be upgrading.
    2. The DVD player runs smoothly the first 5-10 minutes of the film, then the sound and picture slowly diverge until it is so choppy you cannot follow it at all. CDs played in the device do the same thing.
    3. I bought the DVD drive independent of Toshiba, but it is the one for the machine. It came with no cd rom, drivers, manual, etc. Just the drive.
    4. I went to the Toshiba website and found instructions for installing the driver onto my machine (a good start). However, my computer has no space for "other devices" or DVD roms, as stated in the instructions. The people at Toshiba will not help unless I pay $35. So, other avenues.

    Can anyone help me with this? Good karma for all who try. I live on the land far from TV and computer repair people. I am looking forward to getting this going so I can veg out and watch movies once in awhile. I hope it will work, even though I have an older computer. Also give your opinion if you think paying Toshiba is worth the $35.

  2. lewekleonek

    lewekleonek TS Rookie Posts: 55

    I kind of follow what you're trying to do but still let's clarify some points:
    1) Are you trying to replace DVD-ROM drive or did you already do it?
    2) Is it the new DVD-ROM drive that gives you trouble with playing both DVDs and CDs?
    3) What do you mean by "my computer has no space for 'other devices'"? (I think this is a driver install instructions, and trust you can have as many drivers on your computer as it's possible).
    4) I would not stick to Windows 98 (even SE). Why don't you try Windows 2000 Pro?
    5) This maybe a software issue. What DVD software player are you using? Make sure you close as many programs as it possible before you start playing CD/DVD.
    6) I assume that you've tried more than 1 CD/DVD disc.
  3. smurf_goddess

    smurf_goddess TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your reply. Hope this clarifies things.

    1. The DVD rom drive is in the computer. It replaced the CD rom drive that was originally there. The CD rom slid out, the DVD drive slid in and that was the extent of the install.
    2. The DVD rom drive is giving me trouble with both CD's and DVD's, as described. It can download drivers on CD roms.
    3. I figured this out by reading other postings. I had to download the driver using the CD Rom instead of creating a whole new line on my device manager. When I went through this it told me that it already had a better driver and refused to install the other. So, I answered my own question but am still having trouble.
    4. Windows 2000 Pro is expensive. Even if I could get it for free (which would be the only way this would happen) I have concerns about taking up more of my computer's resources just for a snazzier operating system. I might consider switching to a free Linux system if I knew how to work it on my own.
    5. When my uncle worked on this in the past, we tried several players, all with the same result. I believe they were all free players. I do not mind investing in an inexpensive player, so long as I know that it works to my satisfaction. When I watched the movies the software was the only thing running. The driver check (#3) was my last guess.
    6. I did try several DVD's.

    Thanks for trying to help. I am frustrated because I paid $100 for the device, which is a lot of money to me. I can't return it and would really appreciate it working so that I do not have to lug around the community tv (without a car, up hill, not both ways, :) ) to watch movies. This should also be a lot easier to run on my solar panel. I am willing to try a lot of stuff, so whatever suggestions you might have would be very helpful.

  4. lewekleonek

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    If you want to rule out Windows 2000 give linux a shot. You don't have to install it to try it. Get a Live CD of either Ubuntu or Knoppix Linux distributions. Live CD runs without installing itself on the hard drive. Then try playing audio CD under Linux. If the problem is gone - just convert yourself to Linux altogether; with that advice comes a warning; it's not easy to get DVDs playing with linux; gotta do a bit of jumping through the hoops, but if you're really determined you'll do it.
    Ubuntu -
    Knoppix -
    ... and remember when you're obtaining Linux; get a live CD!
    On the other hand if you want to live with Windows 98 SE, you may want to clean it up a bit; get rid of the clutter by un-installing unused software and services; scan for viruses and trojans etc. Or if you're up to it just re-install Windows 98 SE from scratch, but first back up all your data. Do a clean install - meaning reformat the hard drive!

    Good luck again!
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