Creating an XP Install Flash-Drive

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Hello everyone; I'm new to this community and glad to be here;

Here is my problem: I have a laptop that has an unrealiable CD/DVD drive; I had the unfortunate situation where I couldn't get my CD/DVD to read my XP Install CD (also had a DVD too!) when it was necessary for me to re-install my XP; I don't want to lug around an external CD/DVD drive since I rarely use it other than reinstalling my system and all the development stuff I need to work.

Can anyone tell me how to create an XP install on a flash drive? I know my BIOS regonizes my USB flash drive as I was able to use the PEBuilder to create a bootable flash drive. I figure a USB flash drive is more reliable than a CD or DVD that usually gets damaged in some way.

Now, I have the bright idea that I should be able to create an XP install flash drive?

Is this possible? Anyone?



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If you can access the cd from another computer, copy the i386 folder from the installation cd to your flash drive. If you're installing the OS from scratch locate the WINNT.exe(not the winnt32.exe because it's for upgrades only). I've never done it this way so I don't know its flaws. If you need a command line to access the installation folder I would recommend creating a startup disk from a floppy(assuming you have a floppy) and that creates the basic msdos files to start up on.


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try this group got a forum any typ'o boot drive

learning to do my app's on a bootable
what you will find out is
if you don't setup a ramdrive the flash will burn out fast

have fun programing
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