Creative Audigy Value and amplifier help

By zeshane
Oct 30, 2008
  1. Hey all,

    Need a little help with the following query:

    I have a Creative Audigy Value sound card installed in my PC at the moment. I have connected the sound card to an old Kenwood amplifier A-5X with Pioneer CS-205 bookshelf speakers. I have decided to upgrade the amplifier and speakers.

    On of my friends is selling his Yamaha receiver (most probably AX-75* series). I have yet to check it out. I will connect to it JBL E80 floorstanding speakers initially and then build a 5.1 system gradually.

    My question is, what do I need to do to make the amplifier decode the 5.1 sound? I'm kind of a novice in these matters and therefore would really appreciate if anyone can guide me through this.

    Right now the only way I know how to connect an amplifier is through an analog line-out output on the sound card. By connecting the Yamaha this way, will it decode the 5.1 sound itself or does it require to be connected digitally?

    I am at a loss with this.

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  3. zeshane

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    Thanks for replying. But I have an Audigy Value card and not a Sound Blaster Live.

    I went through one of the forums and it said I can connect my digital I/O to the Digital COAX in the amplifier. Its probably the solution I was looking for, however when I will play the CDs and Mp3 files...will it also decode them appropriately or will these files by played through analog connection?
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