Creative Inspire 5300 5.1 Speakers need help

By jayboy86
Mar 28, 2006
  1. hi

    i set up my pc with the Creative Inspire 5300 5.1 system and i have a sound blaster live 5.1

    i did a sound test so each speaker calls out its name, so front left etc etc
    they all say their names so i assumed it all works

    but when im playing music nothing comes out of the center speaker, but i can hear the static like sound indicating the speaker is on

    if when playing the music i pull the wire out of the pc a tiny bit the center speaker then plays the music, what confuses me is why i have to do this as when its fully plugged in, the test said center speaker and works.

    i cant keep the wire a bit out as it goes on a off in im not apply some pressure, if i let go it will stop playing

    im confused, any help would be great

    thanks alot
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