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Jul 29, 2004
  1. "Doom III from the outset will not support our EAX gaming technologies & there are a number of reasons for this, the primary of which is that id decided to implement the best audio implementation they could, that would work equally well across the widest percentage of PC systems possible. Naturally however, being the leaders in PC audio (with no fewer than 11 PhDs in various fields of Audio), we truly felt that the buyers of DoomIII would be missing out on a crucial element of the gaming experience, i.e. id have undoubtedly developed a masterpiece in terms of gameplay & especially graphics, so why not complete that masterpiece with a truly incredible audio engine?"

    "So we come to John Carmack's comments on Beyond3D. It seems to be his philosophy that patents should not exist. Certainly id are altruistic in making their game engines public (crucially after a certain period of time has elapsed), but that is a unique stance & frankly outside the scope of this discussion. However, as can be seen from this example Creative created a graphics technique in 1999 & despite the pace of graphics development it is still applicable 5 years later. The same cannot be said for game engines - no matter how good they are when they first launch"

    Would you like to know more? In case you're wondering, this Creative employee is referring to an Unreal patch that was released by Creative in 1999 which supported these stencil shadows, i.e. 5 years before Doom 3 was released. Still, not exactly the "best" worded response Creative could have made on the matter.
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    What is Doom 3 using then? OpenAL, Miles, something iD's own?
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    iD's very own software engine. It means it'll work on all systems Doom 3 is ported for & that it'll work with every Soundcard, not just ones that support DirectSound 3D, EAX, etc. Every soundcard will get sent the same audio, positioned exactly the same. So if you are using, say, a Revolution 7.1 you'll get the exact same audio as you would with an Audigy 2. Course the sound quality will still differ, but beyond that, nothing more.
  4. Ahumado

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    11 PHD's ?? Whoop de do da!

    Creative can kiss my arse.

    Aureal had them smoked so they ruined the company and prevented their technolgy from being bought. I'll never forgive them that and will always bad mouth them and never buy their product or believe what they spew.

    They are bad people doing bad things selling crapola....

    Yes I feel better...always do after I blast a rat

  5. Rick

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    .. Sounds awfully cocky.
  6. Re: Re: Creative Responds

    Hehehe, yeah!

    And just because you have x people with 11 PhDs together in Audio fields doesn't mean they know anything about how to bring computer audio further.

    It would've been more interesting if he'd have told us what part of the audio fields they are in, and how that relates to creating the best audio solution in the world....
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