Critical iOS source code has been leaked on Github, iOS expert calls it the 'biggest leak...


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With security flaws and data breaches seemingly becoming the norm lately, it may come as no surprise to learn that yet another major security issue has cropped up, this time for Apple users.

As reported by Motherboard, certain "key" iOS source code was recently published on Github for the world to see. While Apple later filed a copyright takedown request which forced Github to take the code in question down, the harm may well have already been done.

The code, labeled "iBoot," is responsible for loading up iOS and verifying the kernel is "properly signed" by Apple. As noted by Motherboard, this code is essentially an iOS device's BIOS.

"This is the biggest leak in history," iOS device internals expert Jonathan Levin told the outlet, adding that it's a "huge deal" for Apple's users. With the code out in the world, hackers could probe it for vulnerabilities and find ways to exploit the system to the detriment of the greater iOS user base. On the other hand, researchers may also choose to poke about in the iBoot code, potentially disclosing any vulnerabilities they find to Apple.

Still, it's worth noting that this leaked source code was reportedly specific to iOS 9. While some code has almost certainly been reused in iOS updates released since then, it might be harder for hackers to take advantage of now.

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These clickbait titles and descriptions are doing my head in, I've had enough of it on google search results and Z rated websites lol

On another note this is pretty much like spectre and meltdown from looks of it.

THO on another note... zada zippa info at all given so Z rated information given "yay" love the "Biggest leak in history" Like this is that bad xD "specific to ios 9" wow thats insanely bad we're still on ios 9 wonder how my iphone will handle this biggest leak in history with its Z rated performance thanks to the battery issues lol


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This was leaked four months ago I think. Its a good way to study the iboot. You still need an exploit to take advantage of it (ex. Unthetered jailbreak - I miss those times e.g. iOS6) , and the fact that it is for iOS 9 (two generations behind) makes it more useless for apple users. Apple's updating process is clearly one of the best in the industry.