Crytek apologizes for going after modder's Crysis photo mode, still gives him ultimatum


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Lets see if I get this straight. People can buy products and mark them up in price ten fold. And the only people who complain are the consumers. Yet if a modder tries selling a mod for a game. Not the game but a mod. Then all hell breaks loose with the producers. The only one I see here that is entitled is the producers.

With that said I find game mods just as ridiculous as most Tiktok vids.
Some games have incredible mods which completely transform the game and can give your purchase hundreds of extra hours on entertainment.

For example, I recently found out (from the AGDQ event) that there is a mod for Portal 2 called Portal Reloaded. It's built as a sequel which adds new game mechanics (like a third portal that teleports you through time). It's also fully voiced.



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The guy seems like a bit of a cry baby...doesn't want to let non payers have access, so throws his dummy out the pram and withdraws them.

He doesn't have a leg to stand on, at the end of the day, he's making money from someone else's IP.
I mean, everyone who has paid for it up until now (Patreon subscribers) should already have a copy of the mod, and can likely continue to use it just fine. Largely, I agree with you, he should have just taken down the paywall and then announced never modding a Cytek game again - but given that his supporters are likely unimpacted, why should he open it up to non-payers?