Crytek: Crysis 2 will be graphically superior on the PC

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Apr 15, 2010
  1. klepto12

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    johny im sorry to tell u but the cell cpu doesnt process graphics at all the PS3 has a dedicated video card just like the XBOX 360 does infact they both run ati cards that are over 3 years old. so look at the video cards from 3 years ago and compare that to what we have now and yeah the 480 is even more than 3 times as powerful.
  2. Burty117

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    Well thats not quite true, the PS3 has an nvidia card which even in those days would be technically a fair bit more powerful than the Xbox's ATI which is the reason i guess that PS3 games usually have higher textures and better lighting effects.

    Anyway I agree, its lazy dev teams more than anything.
  3. the xbox360 is newer than the ps3's stripped down nvdia 7800,better shader technology,the cell helps out the ps3's gpu..
    back to the subject at hand,a pc with a gt240 (which is around $60) i guess could outperform a ps3 and xbox360 seeing as it much never and more powerful tech..
    cant see why crysis 2 cant perform twice the speed of the console equivelants..
  4. hellokitty[hk]

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    My friends claim that graphics cards in consoles (they are xbox players) are better. I lol.
  5. klepto12

    klepto12 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,115   +9

    u are right i guess it was the wii and xbox that have ati cards sorry for my miss information.
  6. Richy2k9

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    hello ...

    wow, so funny to read the posts! ;) thank you .. can learn & laugh a bit too at the same time.

    @ the pirate Guest - gaming on PC isn't bad because of bad port, but as a developer, i know i can get money on the uncracked PS3, so will give my best on it (that's why more 'true' exclusive also). not the same on PC & Xbox, so why would i go for hard work when a lot like you would steal my great work, same for PSP.

    for the wii & DS it's different, we have great games coming, a huge fanbase & a lot of parents buying for under 10 years old kids. piracy on these support exist mostly with 12 - 25 years old users!

    bad PC port is also due to laziness like some mentioned!

    someone said, the PC is 'generic' - yes that's so true. it is the platform for development, so no real port here. Most multiplats are built on PCs 1st then ported to console & the GFX capabilities of a PC depends on your wallet! & therefore will always & forever surpass any console at any given point in time, don't forget about backward compatibility & emulation too!

    both PS3 (with nVidia RSX) & Xbox360 (ATI) have good performance, the developers work with the limitations & max them out, making it easier for them.

    It's not the hardware that makes the difference but the content, the WII remains best example of this. repeating here, but the best combo is PC + PS3 ;)

  7. @Johny47 LOL, the ps3's gpu is that of an 8800gt, that said, one gtx 480 beats two gtx 285's,
    and is some games even beats the 5970 dual gpu, Anyway, pc's can, and will always wipe the floor with consoles. Note i am not a console hater, I love the nintendo 64 and some of the older platforms.
  8. +1
  9. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    Um no it doesn't? There is no way to properly compare a console to a PC due to so many variables. And its a stripped down 7800GT not an 8800GT. And I highly doubt there has been a case of the ps3 outperforming an hd 5907 and I also doubt that such tests were even conducted.
  10. He's talking about the heater(480) even beating the 5970 in some games.
  11. Quote:

    @Johny47 LOL, the ps3's gpu is that of an 8800gt, that said, one gtx 480 beats two gtx 285's,
    and is some games even beats the 5970 dual gpu, Anyway, pc's can, and will always wipe the floor with consoles. Note i am not a console hater, I love the nintendo 64 and some of the older platforms.

    Hate to break it to you mate,the ps3's gpu is equivalent to a geforce 7800,or like in the press release years ago "Will be as powerful as two 6800 Ultras put together".

    I have all three,PC,Xbox 360 and PS3.I prefer my PC.which I have spent alot of money on and it wipes the floor with console games.I use consoles for exclusives and generic playing.
  12. It better, its $500.
  13. John Peterson

    John Peterson TS Rookie

    Good point. It will be the first in that case. Ea and their crytek partners are probably running this show, not the Yerli brothers I'm afraid.They probably have no budget for better graphics on the pc, it may be wishful thinking from Cevat that they have a budget for pc graphics. Ea have never produced a multi-platform game that had better graphics on the pc. If you have a new graphics card, it will probably be taking a nap while running crysis 2, like with all other multi-platform games.
  14. woww, pc this, pc that, it gets pretty old. consoles hold nothing back, in fact they push things forward. consoles drive the gaming market ten fold compared to pc game sales and if anything the argument should be how fanboyish you people are. pc has the best graphics blah blah, okay. if you feel like spending $1000 more to get the little changes of directx11 go for it. me? ill stick with my $300 xbox that plays the same games the pc does, minus the BS of installing the game, messing around with software problems and a system that can be slowed down with malaware while at the same time enjoying the benefits of pick up and play, having friends over who can easily join in on the fun and a massive commuity to play with all hours of the day online. overpriced games? if people like me didnt buy the game and jumped on bit torrent to steal it like losers such as yourself the game market wouldnt be in the state its in now. yeah you guys get the graphics, but step aside while i have more fun.
  15. my Amiga 500 owns!! :p
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