Customer sues Best Buy for breaking the law, gets banned


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lol that happens in best buy all the time. im actually surprised that soemone finally took them to court.
Consumer electronics has traditionally been one of the dirtiest retail businesses of all time. Remember, "bait and switch"? Were you to judge them by past standards, Best Buy is very upstanding indeed.


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I got banned from Stop&Shop for getting caught shoplifting. I still shop there every week. Its just something they tell you because they are mad and want to slap you on the wrist. Shop at Best Buy anytime you like. If they do happen to kick you out, sue'em again for discrimantion.


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I got banned from Stop&Shop for getting caught shoplifting. I still shop there every week. Its just something they tell you because they are mad and want to slap you on the wrist. Shop at Best Buy anytime you like. If they do happen to kick you out, sue'em again for discrimantion.
Super, we be havin' ourselves a gen-u-ine jailhouse lawyer.


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Been there; done that with the "Geek Squat". Our Florida State Attorney decided not persue on a very similar topic. If you're tired of being a "victim", and don't want a second end-run from you politicians, you have to sue.


The guy suing bestbuy was right because bestbuy is the worst store ever, they are criminals. but the guy who wants to sue kinkos is a complete mother effing *****. They did not violate anything nor did they inconvenience you. Get Real you *****:)


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I am a constant shopper at Every year my wife and I spend at least a few thousand dollars there during holidays and for personal tech needs,etc. Over the years, I personally have brought them probably 50,000 dollars worth of business by way of friends and family. I like it because they do price matching and I can do ship to store on some items that I want to make sure if there's an issue I can handle it in person, which is also why now is okay to shop at via their online stock because like Bestbuy you can pick up in store. Walmart has tons of stuff via their marketplace online, which is not stocked in stores locally, but can be picked up locally.

ANYWAYS, back in 09 early AM my wife bought me an Asus netbook while we were shopping there for other items//desktop system/TV for her. Then I traveled to another town about an hour away to spend some time with my mother. I opened up my new package, got out the netbook and noticed right away, that same day that the keys were sticking, causing character repeats every few sentences.

There's a local Bestbuy right there also, so I took the packaging and netbook to that bestbuy. I went in and went back to the PC area to make sure they had it in stock as even though it said it was in stock online, sometimes this isn't always up to date.

I explained to the person that I had just gotten it from the store down the road//in another town, had the receipt and that the keys were sticking and I was going to take it up front and do an exchange if they had it in stock. The guy was watching me very suspiciously and said "you have to go to the service area and talk to them", I said I know I'm just wanting to make sure you have it in stock, otherwise I will wait and exchange it when I go back home in a few days.

I asked again, can you please go see if you have this netbook in stock here, it says online it's stocked, but it might not be and there's not any out here. He said again, go to the service area. So I did, they were busy and it's a BIG college town in Pennsylvania, so it was very hectic. I explained to the girl what I wanted to do and she said, sure just go back and make sure we have one in the back to exchange it with. I said I did but he said come here, she said go back again, I'll call back and if there's one, bring it back with you.

So again I went back and asked the same guy again the same thing and he says, "we don't exchange computers from other stores here". I said, "the girl said I could, if it was in stock". So he walked away, I was thinking he was going to find if it was in stock. I followed him as far as the doors that lead into that area. He says to someone, "hey, there's a guy out there with a laptop, he says somethings wrong with it, so he wants us to give him a new one". The guy asks "huh?" He says, "there's this guy out there, he's really shady looking, he wants me to just give him a laptop because he has one that's broken, he keeps saying go get me a laptop to take up front".

So out comes this guy and says, "what's going on?" I explained to him what was going on, and he says, "let's go to the service desk". So we do, and by then there's the manager, and this other person and they have my box, netbook out and the receipt. They start off saying, "I don't know what you're trying to pull, but we aren't just going to give you a refund without ID or"(which made no sense as we hadn't even gotten that far with ID and all that) and that's when I interrupted him and said, "it's a gift from my wife, just this AM at our Bestbuy, I'm here now at my mothers and I want to exchange it, for another one due to the keys sticking". That's when they say, "we checked it out, nothings wrong with it, is your "wife" here?" I said "no, she's at home, and watch, the keys stick when you type", that's when I was interrupted by the manager shoving it closed on my hands and stuffing it back in the container with all the other stuff saying, "listen, I don't know what you're trying to pull but" and that's when I turned away and called my wife.

They were in turn having several "VERY LARGE EMPLOYEES" come up to stand around me. I hadn't done anything shady, or acted out in anyway. I guess it was all based upon my appearance.

I explained to my wife what was going on, and she said, "oh for the love of GOD, let me talk to them". So they got on the phone, her saying "we have been loyal customers for years now, if he says there's a problem there is, and on and on she went explaining the situation, giving all her personal info, etc, etc,".

In the meantime a geeksquad tech who was in the back but obviously listening comes out and get the netbook out, opens up the netbook, starts typing and says, "yep, another one with that key problem". He said to me, "yeah man it's hit or miss with these things, all we do is exchange them, must be a bad batch."

My wife and the guy are on the phone arguing that if she's not there, with ID and proof of purchase also, then they weren't going to do anything. SHE would have to return it, back home, I couldn't. They couldn't do it there as they needed her bestbuy card there, to do the exchange, etc. BUT they don't do that anymore, the store to store exchanges.

That's when I got back on the phone and she said, "just wait there, don't leave". SO she called the local bestbuy where it was purchased, and that store manager called and said, "yes, they bought it, etc, etc, etc, just exchange it for another one already".

Then I was back to the arguing over the keys, and it being a factory defect, and that it would need to be sent back to be fixed, under warranty, and that I would have to fill out all this crap, and it could be sent back to the store I bought it at, or at home or whatever, and it would be easier for me to do that at home, since they had all our information there at that store.

I was not discouraged and said, "I just bought it, why do I have to return it already, can't I just exchange it?" I said, what about this on the receipt, "if for any reason", etc, etc, to which I was told, that's if it's unopened and not electronic and blah blah blah, it was as if everything I said, was met with an argument and smirks and snickers from the other employees now who more and more gathered, even customers glaring at me and mumbling to each other that I was trying to "pull something or other".

I ended up taking it back out to the car and calling's corporate numbers and after like 4 hours of going back and forth and all over the place on the phone, finally, I was able to take it back to the home store and exchange it, but it had to be the same day they said, otherwise I'd have to ship it for repair or replacement by Asus. The bestbuy store in State College PA wasn't going to help me so I had no choice believing what I was told.

I ended up cutting my visit short, driving home, exchanging it just in time before they closed and they guy says, "listen, you could have waited until tomorrow, or whenever you got back. You didn't have to go through all this, we do exchanges and refunds all the time. I have no idea what the issue was with all that, but as long as it's from bestbuy, any bestbuy, and within 2-6 weeks(depending), LIKE IT SAYS ON THE RECEIPT, you can get a full refund or exchange, ESPECIALLY IF OUT OF THE BOX IT'S BROKEN OR DOESN'T WORK RIGHT.

The next time I went into the other bestbuy(2011) was with my mother who spent like 3000 dollars upgrading her work system and buying me a tablet, etc, etc, and there were those same people. My mother says, "I shop in here all the time, there's not going to be a problem if it's broken or doesn't work because I can't be waiting months for you people to ship it back to wherever, if that's the case I can go elsewhere." (I told her I was afraid if there were any problems out of the box, she might have to have it sent back for repair wherever. She had them first open it all up, and make sure it was all okay, etc, etc, and I was kinda happy since they seemed so frustrated at having to do all that after trying to reassure her and just get her outta the store!)

They replied, "oh no, never, you have like 45 days to do an exchange or whatever." Then looking at me, he says, "we get all kinds in here trying to pull scams and return stolen stuff and well, you know, people are always trying to pull some sort of scam".

I can only assume it was because I'm not your average looking college student//yuppy, I'm heavily tattoo'd and don't dress like I'm up with the latest chic apparel.

All I know is, I still shop at bestbuy and most of the time, people in power want to get a chance to wield it, to totally to the full extent of their AUTHORITY to subject others they feel are inferior or because they themselves work in menial retail, they are so angry at life, they want to take it out on someone, anyone they feel they can! They are stuck working in retail, they've worked their way up to that "sweet spot" and now they can say NO if they want to, even if it's actually against store policy. They feel THEY ARE STORE POLICY AND THE POLICY STARTS AND STOPS WITH THEM!

What astounded me the most was when I was going through my own nightmare there, there was a guy in a suit and tie, all dressed up, with his daughter who had an Ipod that wasn't working right and within minutes, out the door they were headed with a new one without any issues at all. They actually rushed all around for him.

Her "grammy" got it for her Xmass and this was in April!!!! They guy stated, "she's only had the thing a few months and it's died already?" "This thing wasn't cheap!"

Store policy is relative to POWER!