Cyberlink Power DVD 6 Install problems - IKERNEL

By Sandyman
Mar 8, 2006
  1. Ok, just spent 1400 UK pounds ($2000) on a new CPU. All works great except
    Cyberlink Power DVD 6 crashes on install with an IKERNEL error.
    Prod support useless (as expected).
    Tried de-installing Norton AV 6, upgrading IKERNEL.EXE. de-frag, re-boot,
    deleting ... installshield/engine directory....... the list goes on.
    Now CL support have given up..... PLEASE does anyone have any clue as to what I should try? All other programs have loaded with InstallShield with no problems what-so-ever.
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    Powerdvd / Ikernel Problem

    After i had built a pc using asus crosshair board and athlon x2 6000 cpu i also had issues with ikernel.exe especially powerdvd v6. Having got no answer from asus, cyberlink or install shield sites i gave up. Then wanting better sound i changed from onboard to soundblaster pci and all my problems disappeared. In fact the whole system runs so much better. Hope this helps.
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