cygwin couldn't allocate...

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i'm on vista if that helps... I've just started PSP Programming and i'm using an IDE to coe my programs, but everytime I try to compile the program using make.exe I get an error:

*** couldn't allocate cygwin heap win32 error 0 base 0x7D0000, top 0x7D3000, reserve_size 12288, allocsize 12288, page_const 4096

i've tried doing the mem increase thing but that makes no diff.


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hum; I use Cygwin regularly on XP/Pro without problems.

Suggest running Cygwin update and if it still fails, looks like you need the
cygwin support forum :(


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The latest versions of Cygwin work, but your "an IDE" could be bundled with an older Cygwin runtime that doesn't support Vista.

It would help if you leaked a tiny bit more information, like what program is crashing ;)
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