D-Link D524 Screws UP! HELP!!

By Milwaukean
Jul 3, 2006
  1. Gurus
    I got a DI-524 from newegg.com and tried to install it. It worked JUST ONCE and screwed up. The biggest problems was the firmware loading. I loaded it once and it worked fine. When I tried to set up the security for network over it does not show ANYTHING. Any security I put is so tight, I cannot login from my laptop into this network. So I had to remove it, reinstall it and repeat this for 6 hours. Too much work for $20.

    I called newegg and got my RMA and returning it now. I do not think I will order again this product. Yeah I read the reviews and found them bad but still ordered it because I wanted to see if it could really work.

    Any ideas on a best and easy to set up stuff for the following?

    1. ease to setup Both hardware and network
    2. Cost (below 50 or less even. Lesser the better obviously)
    3. Source of purchase - no strings attached
    4. Good reading on setting up the firmware (I read dlink.com a dozen times) and the hardware
    5. Generic good reading on how to set up the (and where to find details other than google.com that is) network security?

    Boy, why is this so much a mess when MSFT can make the other software so easy? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.
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