D400 Bios password reset - Short Method

By Leesh ยท 7 replies
Jun 27, 2007
  1. Hello all,

    I know this has been covered extensively in other threads but...

    Ive tried searching for this to no avail.

    Which pins do you short together? I cant seem to find this info. I know which chip, but which of the pins do i short?


  2. Ididmyc600

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    Hi Leesh and welcome to the TS Forum :wave: :wave:

    From what people have told me (via feedback from the site) the usual favourite is pin 3 and 5, short whilst powering on from 1 to 4 seconds or short with the battery out and the AC removed and press the power button repeatedly.

    To really be sure you need to be methodical, try various pin configurations and keep a note of what you have tried..BUT DONT SHORT PIN 8.

    Happy shorting

  3. Leesh

    Leesh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks i'll have a go.....
  4. Leesh

    Leesh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yay done it.

    Thanks mate. It wasnt such a hard job really. Not with the service instructions from the dell site. They tell you exactly how to take the machine apart.

    pins 3 and 5 worked. Switch on, then short. Would turn on with the pins shorted.

    This was done with out the keyboard connector plugged in and the palm rest connections.. er un connected.
  5. MrSnoobs

    MrSnoobs TS Rookie

    I know this is an old thread, but I am bumping it as I have a D400 with the same issue, and shorting the 3/5 pins did diddly squat. Is there any more detail that anyone could add to when the pins should be shorted, when to expect results etc? Many thanks to all.
  6. minihassan

    minihassan TS Rookie

    woh long time

    just to let you guys know i sorted out my problem but thanks for no help plus i got own thing runnin now if you hand were always there enjoy all
  7. minihassan

    minihassan TS Rookie

    sorry missed it out
  8. papirico

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    dell latitude D531 EEPROM Bios reset

    Hello guys, I'm new here and the reason I jointed the site is because I have a Dell Latitude D531 laptop with: SERVICE TAG 8HZ8LF1-595B. Now, I have almost read all the posts on here, i have try all the password removal software and master password Generators but none of those work. I can't boot from anything till i reset the bios password. I open my laptop but I could not locate the EEPROM 24c02 chip. So, I like to know if anyone here has been able to unlock any dell with service tag ending on 595B or anyone knows if there is a EEPROM chip that can be reset and where is located at. I would really appreciated.

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