DARPA announces competition to build automated cyber defense system with $2M grand prize

Shawn Knight

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The Pentagon has launched a competition calling on software developers to build a fully automated cyber defense system. The Cyber Grand Challenge will run for the next three years which should give contestants plenty of time to meet all of...

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At the first sign of intrusion I will have my robot pull the power cord. Gimme my million.


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DARPA is so smart for doing stuff like this. These contests are a far better way to spend money than to directly spend it on research. You could spend this $2 million on research and most likely not come up with as good a result as group of crazy smart graduate students working towards a huge reward using the full resources of an ivy league college.

The govt should sponsor contests like this more often. Stop giving 500 million to companies like Solyndra and instead give $5 million to whoever can produce the best solar panel or new rechargeable battery or whatever.
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