Data recovery from Comcast external drive

By BootFail
Jan 26, 2011
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  1. I bought this drive years ago or rather I received as a gift, details aside the thing broke and I'm having one tiny issue before I can install its guts and save the remainder of my data.

    I've read similar issues on other forums with what is more than likely the same product and found a few conspicuous details. It's a 1Tb drive made up of two 500Gb WD HD's installed in a Raid 0 format.
    The Primary Master within the case is in a continuous start-up cycle. I.E. Spin up, click twice, reset. so assuming I can get the freezer trick to work long enough I should be able to clean it no problem.

    The problem I DO have is pretty pathetic by comparison.
    I checked the BIOS and the broken drive is recognized as PM while my actual main drive is only 3M. Could this be preventing Windows from normal start-up? If so how do I Change the M/S setting on a Sata drive so the broken drive is recognized as a slave instead and how do I Change the setting on my main Sata drive to read Primary Master rather than 3rd Master

    The second drive is a non-issue it seems, as it's recovering fine as I type this, but I May have to recover them simultaneously as a virtual Raid if the data is split in some f'd way as well. Either way, only the one drive is giving me problems at the moment.

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