Dead Computer?

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Dec 14, 2009
  1. My friend and band mate recently brought his desktop to me because it stopped working all together. He said he turned it on, went to the bathroom and heard a pop. When he returned the computer was not running and that hasn't changed.

    I am a student at a community College preparing to take my A+ certification exam. (about half way through the course). Believing it was the power supply, I took it to school and had it tested by my instructor who confirmed it was bad. We went and replaced the 250 piece o junk with a new 350 and I installed it. When I turned it on nothing happened. The only sign of life is the little green light on the mobo. The same thing as when it was brought to me.

    I have since tried removing everything except the CPU to see if i could narrow my search, Ive reset the bios, and tried jumping the power sw. and still the little green light is all that works, no sound, no fan, nothing.

    I,m afraid that I will have to replace the mobo but thought I might give this a try first to see if anyone has an idea what else it might be.

    Thank You
  2. kimsland

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    That "new" 350Watt Power Supply, how new is new exactly?
    It could also be a DOA (Dead On Arrival) new Power Supply, I think I'd try that first (ie Try another Power Supply)
  3. DYERMAN66

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    Thanks for your reply kimsland,

    I don't really know how new, It's new in the sense that it had never been used before, but I must admit that what you are saying had come to mind, I was hoping that wasn't the case, because he can't find the receipt and he bought the power supply at a used computer store for $50, No box or anything but we were told it was new. I actually at first told him not to buy it, but he was jonesing for his PC. I will have it tested tomorrow, and if your right, his impatience will have cost him $50.

    Thanks Again
  4. DYERMAN66

    DYERMAN66 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I guess that's cheaper than a replacement motherboard. Or another PC for that matter.
  5. kimsland

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