December Steam survey: AMD loses ground to Intel for first time in months, RTX 3060 sees...


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The trouble is that Zen4 will require a new AM5 socket motherboard. So given the current situation and what they announced at CES, putting in a new CPU will be limited to the existing range and the forthcoming 5800X3D.

Then again that hopefully means a lot of people will be able to cheaply upgrade their current gen CPU or whole system when Zen4 does come out, as people who want Zen4 will have to buy new kit.
Yeah, I've been looking around and just finished watching the latest Moore's Law Is Dead video. I think I may have been influenced a bit by the 'look, new toys!' excitement hype. Sounds like the 5800X3D is going to have limited availability and priced to the point where it might as well be a paper launch. I mean, AMD pitched it as an opponent to the 12900K, but if they price it higher than the 12900K and you're going to have to get a new board for Zen 4 anyway, why bother with the 5800X3D?

Anyway, if you're already on Zen 3, then you're frankly in a good spot already and should just enjoy it. Alder Lake may be better in certain aspects (depending on your needs and what you value), but that doesn't mean Zen 3 suddenly turned into crap overnight. Biggest issue I see with Zen 3 right now is pricing. Zen 3 CPUs are just too a bit too expensive in my country compared to Alder Lake. It's only because Z690 boards are expensive and there's a good chance you either have a compatible board already, or can easily find a very reasonably priced one, that Zen 3 still holds up. However, now that we have more info on the 12700 and B660, I’m not sure Zen 3 can stay relevant if Intel opts for a slightly competitive price. Time will tell.


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I'm confused I thought amd had reached the end of their socket with the 5000 series and the new zen 4 chips and up were moving to a new socket?

Is that not the case?

Seems to me anyone looking to upgrade in the future would be looking at an upgraded motherboard one way or another.
You’re absolutely right. My bad. I was so busy thinking about the 5800X3D that I got things a bit mixed up. They will be compatible with AM4 coolers (that’s something at least), but Zen 4 is a new socket.


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Wether they're fine with it or not doesn't matter.

Alternative is keep your current GPU or if it's dead buy a used cheap one and wait it out. Yes, it's not great but the point is to show people are not satisfied with what's happening.

How about don't buy overpriced GPUs, that oughta help.
If your name is NGreedia then no. Keep laughing all the way to the bank.

As for what to do, it depends entirely on the situation of each specific individual and what is more important. If you’re a casual gamer on a budget, then wait it out. If gaming is your life and your only GPU just exploded and you have money left after paying for all the important stuff, then see if you can come up with a reasonable compromise that fits within your budget. If your job depends on it and it makes decent money, then do the math and base your decision on that. But don’t completely rule out buying a GPU just because ‘OMG GPUs are overpriced!’.


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Yup, no idea why people claim the survey hasn’t triggered when you have been able to trigger it yourself literally since the survey launched.
Yeah, because you are able to launch survey manually means all users actually do that 🤦‍♂️ Not to mention 99% of Steam users are unaware of this possibility.

That also proves Steam survey is definitely rigged. I have five virtual machines where I manually trigger Steam survey monthly. I have no doubt I'm not only one. Nvidia surely have large server farm with virtual machines to trigger it every month to get their market share up.