Decent Webcam?

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Jul 14, 2004
  1. Decent Webcam??

    Just got Comcast 3mbps broadband hooked up and looking for a decent webcam. Just something thats fairly good quality, adjustable quality settings is a plus. And I assume the better the quality, probably the more bandwidth used?

  2. STK

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  3. kapsi

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    i would be looking for some cost effective webcams here are my options. if you guys have any suggestions, comments please let me know about any model:

    1. UMAX Astrapix 100
    2. Creative VISTA Pro /Plus
    3. Logitech Webcam Express

    Please recommend. Thank you!
  4. subrosean

    subrosean TS Rookie

    love mine

    i run two Logitech Quickcam Pro 5000's for home security cams. they work great, even in relatively low lighting so i'm sure they'd work great for any purpose.
  5. Zed

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    I've got a creative live ultra and it works just problems so far and I've had it for awhile....I use wireless first alerts (infrared) for security around the homestead and they work pretty good also.
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