Delete files from computer


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Locate the file or folder by using Windows Explorer. To do so, right click Start and choose Open Windows Explorer and then browse to locate the file you want to delete
In Windows Explorer, right click the file or folder that you want to delete and then choose Delete.
Click Yes to delete the file.


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However, when ANY application or service has an open file, the delete will be denied -- be sure to close ALL applications (and that includes the File Explorer)
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Before deleting the folder, just close all of the programs that are running on your computer. To check the programs running on your computer you can go to Task Manager, you will see list of programs running on your computer. So you need to end the process which is running, you can do it in the Task Manager itself by ending the process of the programs.
What recently changed in your PC software and have you done any changing or permissions? Also, check for viruses malware byte free is great to use also.