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Dell accidentally sells 19-inch monitors for $15 in Taiwan

By Jos ยท 30 replies
Jul 1, 2009
  1. Twister123

    Twister123 TS Rookie Posts: 219

    I don't know about that are your stats based on personal exp' , I think there just unable to run a supermarket in some areas , it doesn't seem worth it from there point of view for a few dollars more ya know
  2. And hell dell did it AGAIN.
    On Jul.5.2009
    Dell Taiwan website 'Accidentally' drop the price of latitude E4300 laptop from $1500USD to $625USD if you choose 'CPU COLOR' from black to red or blue.
    This , of course, believed to have over 50,000 people had placed orders for nearly 150,000 laptops.
  3. For a detailed version of what exactly happened in English, please visit http://deceptivedell.blogspot.com

    Dell should not be allowed to get away with this.
  4. i heard someone ordered about $10,000,000 USD worth of the laptop, and posted it on his blog page, only to find out by his friend that he ordered the wrong one, so he didn't get the "sale"......lol

    but back to the subject. i think Dell should either really sell the products with the low price, or give the customers some kind of gift certificate that have at least more than like 3/4 of the difference.

    and they should probably also fire the guy that makes their website....XD

    and as of the legal issues, of course, since Dell already have the disclaimer that says they have the right to disapprove a purchase, they can refuse to give the customers the price.

    however, (this is my sister's philosophy) the people in Dell should consider this: no individual would ever really want 6000 laptops or 20000 monitors sitting around in his/her living room (unless he/she wants to use the monitor as wallpaper so they can change the theme everyday or play some game with 6000 accounts so that if he/she got killed, he/she still has 5999 accounts going), especially since most of the orderers are college students, thanks to the fact that this information was passed between blogs. So why did they order it? They know that Dell would never be able to sell laptop/monitor at that low of a price, they just want to make fun of them. Although it looks funny, there's something deeper than that. This shows that the company has lost their credit.
  5. Speaking of another Dell muck up,

    I received a quote for a Studio 17 laptop that is valid until the 17th July 2009,

    The salesrep states that they cannot honor the quote and refused to accept it includes GST (It clearly does),

    I'm a law student, and it amazes me how Dell can do this.

    If she does not honor the quote price, I will be demanding to speak with her superior.

  6. As if anybody cares about your slap in the book.
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