Dell and HP report poor second quarter results

By Shawn Knight · 5 replies
Aug 23, 2012
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  1. Dell has posted second quarter financials and the prognosis is pretty bleak. The PC business posted revenues of $2.6 billion which is 22 percent less than the same time period last year. The overall picture isn't as bad, however, with……

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  2. And Windows 8 aint gonna help either
  3. It seems as the margins for computers are low, the performance of low end to mid range computers covers most people, the market is saturated and the economy is slow that this is what is going to happen. Dell appears to be trying to become more of a service based company to business and HP, who knows what they are trying to do.
  4. well... I can resume this situation with this.....the dell machines are expensive, they give you less for the normal high price but if you pay the premium price they make you think that you are happy with the little upgrades, now the displays they offer at least for their laptops have a horrible quality, so....thats why the people are not buying....if you will spend the same money....well make it count with other brands.
  5. Greg S

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    Pretty much this. They got rid of their good xps laptops for crap that is just as expensive as macbooks. When I can get basically double the performance for the same price with an asus laptop, of course I'm not going to choose dell. Compare an asus n56vz (which I can get for exactly $999.99 without tax on it) to a dell xps 15 which starts at $1299.99 for less powerful hardward. The same specs cost almost $2k. The asus is pretty thin too for a quad core processor with very nice graphics (nvidia gt650m).
  6. They both need to make their machines distinctive and have some design.

    The days of the ugly box are over. Make it hidden (small or integrated) or make it slick and worth showing off.

    Apple users fawn over their vacuous, brushed aluminium so why not PC users too. The laptop area seems to have come on leaps and bounds.

    Ikea is even integrating electronics into furniture. Customization is what PCs are all about so give us PCs that look like 1920s radios or a black polished globe or fit inside an HDMI stick.

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