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By Jerimiah
Sep 9, 2008
  1. I was hoping that someone could give me a 20 digit number for a Dell Inspiron E1705 laptop battery. A year ago I had issues with it recognizing the ac adaptor. At that time I replaced the battery thinking that was it. However, it was not and after the on line chat with Dell they determined the mother board needed replaced. Now the battery led on the computer goes off after being only plugged in for a few seconds. I have two AC adapters so I tried the other one-same thing. If I unplug and plug the AC several time I can see the battery charge percentage going up. If the led is not on the percentage will not change.

    The reason for my request is that the laptop is still on warranty and I am pretty sure it is the mother board again. I went to Dell's chat line knowing that we would get so far and they would want to replace it. However, when they found out that I did not have a Dell battery they said there was nothing more they could do until I put a Dell battery back into it, and then they could help me with a more in depth diagnosis.
    Thanks for any help.
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    What I need is the 20 digit number that is printed on the Dell tag on the battery, So a 20 digit number from a Dell tag on a battery that is used in an Inspiron 6000, 9000, or E1705 would be great.
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