Dell Dimension 2400 Monitor Problem

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Well, I can't see the screen as of now. So please excuse any of my typos. Alright I run on an OS of XP. Well my monitor is about 6 years old. It was working fine until I reinstalled my OS. But I doubt that has anything to do with it because I tested my monitor on another computer. Alright, so basicallyy I could see the image of the screen for about 2-3 seconds. Then it shuts off. Well it doesn't really shut off... it just turns really really dark where you cant see anything but you can tell its on. Also the light is still green. This is what I used to do before. I used to click the button on and off until it finally stayed on. It was like warming it up if you will. it took me about 10 minutes to do it Now ever since I reinstalled my OS a second time it won't warm up. i've been clicking it on and off for about 2 hours. I'm not even over exaggerating because, I need this computer to pay my bills online and other stuff.

Please help me asap, and feel free to ask me as many questions, and i'll answer them to my best ability.

Thanks : )
My feeling is either the onboard graphics is dying or perhaps it's the power supply.
Normally, we would try a clean install after formatting your hard drive, or a test hard drive, then install the chipset downloaded from Dell, BIOS if it needs the latest update, then the video graphics drivers. Only with a video graphics failure after those three actions would I consider the video graphics to have failed.
If they have failed, you will need to install a PCI graphics card, and go to the Device manager to disable the existing video graphics install.
At this point, you will know if you have a defective motherboard, and the Dimension 2400 is infamous for motherboard failures... for which there is no reliable fix..
I don't mean to offend you but I have a hard time understanding your english.

I thik it's either a graphics driver problem or a display settings problem. Someone asked about trying it in Safe Mode but I don't see an answer from you about it. Can you restart in Safe Mode and see if the problem still persists?

-- Andy
How do you have a hard time comprehending my english? : S

I'm very nooby when it comes to tech, so bear with me... I tried it in safe mode, but no luck it doesn't work.

Try to reset your monitor to factory default settings and see if that works. This is an option available on the front panel of the monitor.

-- Andy
Calm down there bud, he was talking about my post. The nerve of some people... I was just looking for some help.

>> Andy, it's hard to reset my factory settings since the monitor shuts off quickly. Although I think that i've managed to do so even though I couldn't see.\

Also, I have tried safe mode, but it doesn't make a difference.

Thanks : )
The front panel options on the monitor work regardless of Windows. So long as power is applied, you press the front panel buttons/options, you get information and display. If the display cuts out, then there a problem with the monitor.

Can you check again by connecting the monitor to your laptop?

-- Andy
Yeah, I already tried plugging it into my laptop. I'm aware that there is a problem with the monitor since it won't work on the laptop. I know it's not the computer. What can I do to fix the monitor
The only way YOU could fix it is to reset it to factory settings but you said you can't. Monitors often cannot be fixed, you just replace them. Is it still under warranty?

-- Andy
"Well my monitor is about 6 years old"...

This is a CRT monitor right? CRT monitors run at a higher vertical refresh rate... 72 Hz or 75Hz as compared to an LCD monitor at 60Hz
No, lol it's about 6 years old. Erm, could I open it and fix it?

No. You can likely find an old style CRT monitor for free at a recycling depot or very cheap at a computer store. I routinely pick up old CRT monitor from my customers who have replaced them with new flat screen ones. Also, the store I'm affiliated with has customers drop off old monitors. We then take them to the recycling depot for them.

-- Andy
It should be set at a vertical refresh rate of 60HZ. This is what the default refresh rate is on your laptop screen. Replace the "old" Dell LCD monitor
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