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Jun 9, 2007
  1. I bought two 1GB PC3200 samsung memory sticks for my PC and my PC originally comes with 512mb PC2700. I have read the maual so the samsung memory is compatible with the PC. Also, i read that u can mix PC2700 and PC3200 together but it will run at slowest speed. So, I just added the memory to dimm3 and dimm 4 slots and when i turned the computer on it start to make a beeping sound and it wouldn't do anything else. Then, I tried it without the original memory it still didn't work. THere a 4 dimm slots on the motherboard and the max it can support is 4gb. SO, anyone has an idea whats wrong. I currently have two 256mb PC2700 installed and they work with the original memory combined. But, the two 1GB ones wont work.
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    Check here:
    Older Dells are finiky with compatible ram. Crucial has a memory scanner, it will tell you what you have, what is compatible, what they have, and is garanteed to work.
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    Thanks...According to crucial, the max each DIMM slot can support is 512mb. But, its selling 1GB emeory with a compatible sign for DELL DIMENSION 4600. This doesn't make sense. THere's 4 DIMM slots and it can support 4gb max. but u can only put 512 max on each slot.
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    If you have 2x256mb when you did the scan, that means you had 2 slots available, and your memory runs in dual-channel mode. So if you leave these in you could add 2x1gb= 2.5GB total. With ram prices comming down and since you only have 2x256 sticks, if it were me I would just start from scratch and buy what you need all at once (or remove the 2x256 sticks and go from there. Remember, 4GB=4x1GB sticks, 3GB= 2x512MB+2x1GB, 2GB= 2x1GB.
    Dells (older) are picky with what will work and if I were you I would get everything at one shot since it's garanteed to work, or write-off the 2x256 sticks and work with the 2 you just got and see what happens.
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    Sorry for bringing this discussion again....I know what the problem was for this memory. I thought it may be helpful if someone else has the same problem. I bought this memory from ebay and the seller had provided what chipset the memory should work with and therefore it was not compatible with my dell PC. It's a high density memory. I just just gave it to my brother, the modules were backward compatible. For a while, I thought it is double sided and thats why it won't work, but all 1 Gb memory are double sided. I attempted to upgrade it again this time from 1 Gb to 2 Gb. I bought memory from ebay again and made sure the memory was a low density module. However, the same thing happened. I guess the seller made a mistake and it's a high density module. I guess the bottom line is, use brand name components with a brand name PC. Even though, the memory i bought is made up of samsung chipsets/hynix, it was assembled by a no name company. Or I think it is..
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    Although the memory can be installed one module at a time, the best performance comes from using matched pairs of modules.
    It is true that you can sometimes mix PC2700 and PC3200, but they still have to be similar. If you are using "value ram" or modules that are widely different in latency, you will have the problem you describe.
    You probably do not have the timings and latency ratings for memory bought on eBay.
    The modules must be similar. You can tell whether it is high density or low density by the number of chips on the module... Do they have the same number and size of chips? Tell us what is written on the label of the memory.
    We can mix and match DDR400 PC3200 and DDR333 PC2700 modules from Infineon, Buffalo, Kingston, and Crucial without ever any problems in a Dell Dimension 4600...
    You can oftentimes buy pc2700 and pc3200 memory modules from,,, and as well as Crucial more cheaply than you can on eBay.
    And Crucial memory has free shipping, and is guaranteed to work... with either 2700 or 3200, in most cases.
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    High density ram have 128mb x 4 configuration. This one clearly doesn't. I got an email from the seller and they said it's low density. Both modules has a total of 16 chips. It's a Hynix brand. My sony laptop came with Hynix memory so did my Dell laptop. Both modules are PC2700 and are exactly the same, they are brand new. I spent a total of $73 on it. So, it was a good bargain. The label on the memory says.

    1GB DDR 333MHz CL2.5
    HYMD1G646VP8J-J AA

    On the hynix chip, it says,

    hynix 751A
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    Ok I tried it the second time, everything works fine now. I did not install it correctly the first time. Then, I added the the 256mb modules to make it 2.5GB RAM.
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