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Jan 10, 2018
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  1. I got given this laptop it didn’t work tried putting windows 10 in fresh install won’t have both tried another Hard drive nothing just says your computer ran in to a problem can any one help
  2. holdum323

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  3. Matty14lufc

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    It’s capable it’s a powerful laptop 4gb ram think i3 processor
  4. holdum323

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  5. holdum323

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    Hi If I'm going to help you, I have to know what all you have tried!;)W10 has several ways to recover.
  6. Matty14lufc

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    All I all I know is when the hdd that come with dosent register in bios but my one in my old laptop does when I try putting a new install it says computer run in to problems
  7. holdum323

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  8. holdum323

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  9. Matty14lufc

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    Media test says check cable
  10. captaincranky

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    Many pre-built machine, cannot have a free standing copy of Windows installed. The BIOS is locked to prevent it. "Restore discs" are what's required. These are actually HDD images of the original Windows install, along with the factory installed "value added" software, keyed to a locked administrative password.

    Point being, if indeed you indeed "got given", this particular laptop, you need to take it up with Dell support. All assistance with bypassing that password has been forbidden for many years here at Techspot.

    There are perhaps other sites without those restrictions, I choose to remain unaware of them Sorry.

    If you are the legitimate owner of this laptop, ostensibly the only way to "install Windows 10", would be through M$ and "Windows upgrade".
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  11. holdum323

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  12. holdum323

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    Hi @Matty14lufc I can no longer help you with this issue. Good luck with your issue. I'll be monitoring your thread. I have never heard of the the reasons given in post #11. I agree with checking with Dell about your issue.(y)
    IMHO If W10 was installed on your PC, you should be
    able to reinstall it and maintain the license . I'm bowing out now. Good luck!
  13. captaincranky

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    I have this very issue with an ancient eMachines. I can't use an actual Windows disc to load the OS. The restore discs which came with the machine must be used. Another option is to install Linux, that can be done.

    We can't discuss the password issue on this site, which leaves the rest of the internet free to explore for a solution.

    Laptops, it seems particularly Dell, had/have, a nasty habit of walking away. Throughout the years,. Techspot has been deluged with requests similar to this one. As there is no way we can know if the request is legitimate, or that the device has been acquired though legal channels, the topic has been placed off limits.
  14. captaincranky

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    Some pre-built PCs cam with actual Windows discs. However many don't

    If we assume the copy of Window 10 came with the laptop, then more than likely the HDD ()or SSD) is defective.. If not well...... what I said before.
  15. holdum323

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    I have seen no one asking for any thing about a password. I have not offered an help with passwords.
    Here's ways to recover W10. I will not reply further on this thread. I know. I said that before. This is last time.:D I feel you are being mislead and it's hard for me not to reply.
    IMHO it's better to listen to someone running W10 and not someone who hates W10.(y)
    I have been running W10 ever sense the free update was offered. I have offered my help on several help forums. That's what I do and enjoy. I even get it right some times. I have posted several helpful links on this thread. It's your decision what you try and whom you believe. I'm thinking someone just admitted that your hard drive may be bad.:pROFL
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  16. captaincranky

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    No one said you did. Dell BIOS are password protected. That's not subjective, it's fact..

    I think I've covered all aspects of the issue.

    If you try to put an "unauthorized" copy of Windows into many pre-built machines, it can't be done. And in the process, the machine will throw errors.

    If this is a legitimate attempt to upgrade from Windows "?" edition, then Dell and M$ are you best friends.

    If the copy of Windows being installed is an "OEM" copy, it can't be moved from the original motherboard where it was inmstalled. M$ won't activate it.

    I'm sure you will find a reason to disputer that but AFAIK, it's true.
  17. holdum323

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  18. Rich M

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    Captaincranky, I have been refurbishing, building and repairing laptops for over 20 years and I have never struck what on earth you are talking about. I'm afraid there is really no such thing as restore disks that will work on a system where Windows disks will not and like Holdum I see no mention of any bios password I see a hard drive that is kaput is all. If another hard drive is recognized and the one in the laptop is not, just maybe that is why you were given it? Dell doesn't use restore disks anyway they use oem copies with their signature Windows disks anyway that avoid the user having to supply a coa to install Windows. You can buy a really decent good quality Western Digital 500 Gb laptop for around $50 these days so have at it Matty and if you want to know for sure if the laptop is compatible you should always post the make and model of the laptop before asking any questions.
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  19. captaincranky

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    I'm well aware that the drive could be bad. holdum posted links to such an eventuality.

    And yes there is such a thing as a system which comes with restore discs which won't load Windows from a disc.

    Of course I'm sure you've never seen this either, but the EULA of an OEM copy of Windows plainly states that after the Windows installation is made, the C:/ drive must be imaged. Of course, nobody as a private builder actually does this., but manufacturers do.

    In fact, I've got a Toshiba laptop and a desktop eMachines that prove this. In fact, the eMachines has the images for the Windows discs you have to burn yourself, and it will only allow one instance of that burn.

    Now, through the years we've had tons of people march through here, claiming they've "been given a Dell laptop, and can't install Windows". If the poster is a legitimate owner of the machine, Dell support will help them, albeit at an unreasonable price.

    So let's sum this up: If the laptop has a bad drive, by all means replace it.

    If the machine won't accept the Windows install due to an administrative BIOS lock, the are plenty of resources on the web willing to help you with that.

    In fact, I'm going to direct you to a source explaining how to do it. Here's a whole page of YouTube videos explaining the process.:

    My information is from the XP days, and we had a member who helped people with these install goings on, who was asked by staff to refrain from doing it'

    The TS in the thread was beyond vague about what OS was in the system in the first place, and as you pointed out, no year or model was supplied.

    If you think I've posted anything incorrectly, please feel free to report me. I'll grant you things may have changed since I trolled the hardware forums. I'm always glad to be updated on developments in the computer world,. However, that invitation extends to staff, not to you.
  20. Rich M

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    And the beat goes on....there is no mfgr who states the "c drive must be imaged", please stop inventing such bologna.
    And if you can only make one image file that is because the software to do so goes away after you do that but none of that has anything to do with one not being able to install Windows to any laptop oem or retail. Even a bios password would not prevent that, bios passwords prevent you from getting into the bios and hard drive passwords prevent you from using a hard drive for anything else but the poster has mentioned none of this as the issue. In fact he states the drive isn't seen by the bios which has to mean he is in the bios and there is no password if he was able to get there. And if a restore disk will restore Windows then a Windows disk will do so also. You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts I'm afraid and by continuing to write things like this you might influence an innocent user.
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  21. captaincranky

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    In all honesty I didn't really want to be involved with the thread to begin with.

    Feel free to check my facts about staff policy toward Dell laptops of unknown origin. Maybe things have changed. I'm dealing with requests dating back as much as 10 years.

    With every iteration of Windows, M$' policies and terms of the OEM license agreemwnt changes.

    Here's a sample of such a change in policy, which of course, everyone ignored. Obviously there is always going to be a matter of customer interpretation and finagling with the rules:

    NOTE: Windows OEM licensing terms have changed!
    by John.Wilkinson / December 19, 2009 5:31 AM PST
    Recently, Microsoft modified the licensing terms for OEM editions. Previously, purchasers were permitted to apply OEM licenses to their own computers provided the licenses were purchased with qualifying hardware. However, the Windows OEM System Builder EULA now prohibits purchasers from applying OEM licenses to computers they are building for themselves, friends, family members, etc. As explained in the revised license comparison, "[OEM licenses] must be preinstalled on a PC and sold to another unrelated party." (Emphasis added.) These revised licensing terms apply to all OEM versions of Windows currently sold, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Please keep these revised terms in mind when building your own computers, as well as when advising others who are contemplating building their own computers and/or purchasing a new OEM license.

    Here's a further sample of corporate imaging EULA term, which IMHO covers group imaged, pre-built computer licensing.
    As it seems you are unaware, a manufacturer such as eMachines, doesn't (didn't) buy a separate copy of Windows (read that as "Windows disc"), for each machine they shipped, but rather installed from a corporate Windows license:

    Here is a breakdown of those terms:

    Now, eMachines motherboards were, what we liked to call "tatooed", to accept only their proprietary restore discs..Because you've never experienced it, doesn't mean it didn't happen or exist.

    Now, since I'm not intending to interfere further, (read as, "waste my time"), with this issue, you, and your new best friend should carry on.
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