dell insiron 8600 turn on problem

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Aug 13, 2005
  1. guys i got dell inspiron 8600. All of a sudden it doesnt turn on any more.

    If i press power button screen flickers for a half a second and turns off. Also if i do it more than once or if i keep it pressed my dell power adaper somehow switeches itself off (i can see the light on adapter turns off)....

    Anybody got any idea on what could be wrong????
  2. Zardoz

    Zardoz TS Rookie

    :confused: Wow! I thought I was the only one with this problem. Mine quit yesterday. It's still under warranty but getting support from Dell is a joke. From what I am understanding from other forums it may be the motherboard. Ouch!
  3. jeljo1

    jeljo1 TS Rookie

    I am having same problem Dell 4600

    I have the same problem. Unfortunately not under warranty. IT will not turn on, there is light on mother board. fans do not work. Any suggestions.
  4. comp-rebuilder

    comp-rebuilder TS Rookie

    Dell Wont turn On Solution

    I service Dells On Contract and just from what you are saying it is likely your power supply is faulty or you have a Dead Processor I lean more to the Power Supply Although Dell Is a Royal Pain for support I deal with Warranty Service for dell computers If your Unit is under Warranty I might be able to help you get the replacement part from dell and or do it for you.
    Generally When a Computer is Powered On The First thing to pull Juice is the Hard Drive and the Mainboard General Defects In the MB May Cause your Unit to shut off fast If so contact dell warranty support service by phone dont use the internet it is a waste of time.
    You Paid alot of money for that Dell Demand service for it or just tell them you will be calling the US District attorneys Office in your state to let them know Dell Computers refuses to Stand Behind their warranty Dell will most likely honor that warranty faster than you will believe.
  5. leamca

    leamca TS Rookie

    My Dell Inspiron 9600 has done the same thing

    I previously posted about a downloading/freezing problem, and when I tried to turn my Dell on this a.m., it was just a black screen. Turned it off by pressing the off button for a few secs, and when the opening screen came up offering several options, I tried them all to no avail.

    My problem is I have grown so weary of trying to deal with Dell customer "Service" that I don't how much more I can take. The last instruction from an online tech to take the thing apart was the last straw.

    I will probably send the computer back, and I have a question I hope someone can answer: will personal information be left in that computer? Or is it likely dead, etc., so I don't have to worry about sending it back.

    This one is a refurbished IBM workhorse I'm beginning to appreciate a great deal more than before.

  6. comp-rebuilder

    comp-rebuilder TS Rookie

    Dead Dell

    If you purchased that system from them New they should warranty it If not and it was a recertified system then chances are your better off Calling their Small Business group and asking to be transferred to their Financial Services Group Because Point in fact any Recertified Computer Purchase from any of the Big 6 Makers Comes with a warranty no matter what condition it is in.
    Here is another option to try on that computer if you have the original system restore software turn the computer on and put the disc in then turn it off again, wait 30 seconds and turn it back on. Begin pressing "F5" this should bring you into a screen showing the same selections you dealt with first off, Or You can start the system and it should Automatically Load from the reinstalltion software CDROM it is what we call a Boot From CD Mode that will in turn reinstall your software entirely and your files are saved.
    You have a problem with your System Registry one of the Command Files are messed up and the restore CD Should Take care of it.
    As far as your data on the hard drive if you send the unit back they will take the Hard Drive (HDD) and put it in a machine called a Duplicator and all that does is wipe out the info on the HDD and installs the Formatting Software to test the HDD Integrity if it passes they will put it in another computer and resell it to another buyer.
    Or your Other Option Is this If you know which kind of computer you have Either a Dell Or IBM I have restore Software for dell windows XP here I can send you a disc and it is a dell and you can try it if it reloads on its original start up then great you just saved your system If it does not then you can throw away the disc and try to get a refund on that computer from the Maker If they dont want it I would be happy to make you an offer for it as scrap.
    Either way try what I have shown you if it does not work you can allow me to make you an offer for it or return it.
    just post a reply to this message therad and we will see what happens okay? :grinthumb
  7. and from Microsoft and from HP (they bought compaq, sweet death of a good company) and from many other giants doing big business and you people keep giving them money, way to go :)
  8. leamca

    leamca TS Rookie

    Thank you so much for your input

    >If you purchased that system from them New they should warranty it <
    Yup, it was "allegedly" new. Now I have to wonder, from what you say. I keep turning it on, hoping it will work. Here's what it says when it boots up...

    Safe Mode (came up with safe mode & black screen)
    Safe Mode w/ Networking (what's that mean?)
    Safe Mode w/ Command Prompt (lots of files showed up, then it went to a black screen with safe mode writing on top and bottom and a HUGE pointer that was useless.)

    Last Knnown Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked) (THAT didn't work either)

    Start Windows Normally (Didn't work, but will keep trying, mainly I want to remove my personal data, which from now on I am only keeping on discs...) Nothing again.

    Anyone know if anyone at Dell can get my data from this thing when they get it back?

    Extremely funny note following yours, the one about HP purchasing Compaq. I always thought the same thing, because I always thought Compaq's rep was rather lacking in prestige ha ha.

    So who is the best computer co to actually purchase from?

    Thanks for all your help and humor,
  9. leamca

    leamca TS Rookie


    I forgot to say it did not come with a back up CD.

    Also, after 45 minutes on the phone with Dell people, and my difficulty talking to the dell India rep, I was transferred to someone who sounded American and tried to be very... intimidating. I wasn't budging. I knew I still had the 21 day window yadda yadda and she said I was supposed to try to deal with tech support and I told her I had HAD IT with "dealing" with tech support. Plus, I have no idea how they could help with this black screen problem.

    Then she said it would cost me $100 to ship it back. I asked her WHY, since it had cost ME $16 to have it shipped to me and she said it must be because Dell has a "deal" with UPS.

    Needless to say, I got my return number and am on my way to UPS tomorrow, with bells on my toes.

  10. You never know I guess :( I meant that compaq used to be good, btw heh .. good luck with your pc!..
  11. leamca

    leamca TS Rookie

    compaq was good? and how about color?

    I never knew that, I guess the casual attention I paid to computers seemed to tend toward "not so good" for compaq. That's why I thought HP was crazy to purchase that company. Ha ha hee hee ho ho I faxed Carly F. a long time ago saying they needed to go with color, since it seemed at that time they thought only men purchased computers (hence the beige and gray). I was looking toward the future and seeing more and more women getting computerized and said they HAD to have more stylish colors. They went so far as to put rechangeable faces on their printers. Not for long. I still think the industry should do something about color cases. My choices would be deep teal and maybe deep magenta (cuz women like pink and blue and those at least aren't too outlandish...

  12. leamca

    leamca TS Rookie

    Forgot to mention...

    I sent the Dell back and insured it for the full price in case they said they never received it, or that UPS' handlers trash the case. I have to wonder how much of a problem it is (mishandling) in shipping. I looked at my Dell box closely after all of this, and the corners were pretty scuffed and dented. I'll never purcase an electronic by mail again.

    Much, much better to have a person you can speak to. I'm currently using my recycled IBM laptop, keeps on chugging...
  13. Zardoz

    Zardoz TS Rookie

    Dell 8600

    Well I feel somewhat lucky. I finally e-mailed Dells tech support with the problem and received a responce. It was written in unbroken English. I shipped it to them in a box they provided. The corrective repair action sheet reads --video card & system bios updated-- Whats up with that?

    I think I will buy into their extended warranty. Many thanks for the support from you all. TechSpot is a great forum.
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