Dell Inspiron 1521 Keyboard issues

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Oct 10, 2008
  1. I have a Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop with keyboard issues. Sometimes, not always, when I strike a key it will post that key and other keys (usually just one) that are next to it on the keyboard. Also if I hit a "}" it will display one and if I try to hit the same key again it will just give me periods. Also if I strike the backspace key it will fill in the time and date minus the last character of the year. I have replaced the keyboard and am getting the same errors. All connections seem to be well connected. The os is Vista. Help please!
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  3. itnut

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    Yes, yes. I have tried all that. Not under warranty, replaced keyboard AND still have the same issues, even though no warranty exist.
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    What about external keyboard?
    I'm assuming that's ok

    You have tested (refitted) the data cable from Keyboard to Motherboar, actually some have a small daughter board that you connect it too. If that's the case push down on the daughter board onto the motherboard (sometimes they are slightly up) Then re-connect the keyboard ribbon cable (push down hard, oh, and check it for marks, or clean it) to the board (which-ever board it connects to) Then turn on.

    Good luck following that paragraph !
  5. itnut

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    Thanks, and I did understand that completely!

    I disconnected and reconnected all the cables and still have the same issues. I'm thinking that it could be a Dell/Vista driver problem. But that seems to be too easy of a fix.
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    So an addon external Keyboard (say a USB connected keyboard) works ok?
    In my view the intermittant fault, looks more like Hardware issue (so the replaced keyboard does the exact same thing?)
    It must be a faulty connection on the Mobo, or, or maybe something lying on the Mobo (ie Dust or a loose screw or something)

    How excited are you removing the whole Mobo (this can be difficult, and you would need to write down where every screw and every part goes)

    Actually Google Inspiron 1521 Dismantle guide (I found a Diagnostic CD that may help)
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