Dell Inspiron 1525 and Windows 7's XP Mode

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Tradeoffs on XPV mode for video capture

Hi everybody! I'd like some advice please..

I've got an older USB video capture device that works great if it has enough memory, but its vendor has gone out of business and I haven't been able to find either Vista or Windows 7 drivers for it. I've got one old XP machine that only has 768MB RAM on it, and I have unacceptable frame drop on the captures; did not have this on the 2GB machine prior to its toasting itself into oblivion.

But I have two laptops, a Dell Studio 32bit Win 7 system with 3GB, and a Sony Viao 64 bit with 4GB. I don't have any idea how much of a memory hog the virtual machine mode is, and I don't know if either laptop has the HAL built in to it (but it seems this is no longer required for it to run VXP, but it may affect performance.)

So, short of buying a new video capture device... what recommendations do folks have on the pro's and con's of downloading, installing and trying out this XP virtual machine stuff? Is anybody successfully using it and happy with it for IO intensive applications like this?



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