Dell Inspiron 2200 won't connect to home network

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May 12, 2012
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  1. My cable company recently upgraded its modems (oh, the fun...not!) There are 3 computers in my home, one which is connected directly to the modem, and 2 on wireless connections. The other wireless computer is maintaining an Internet connection without any problems, mine isn't.

    When it tries to automatically sign on to the network, the wireless connection gets as far as "Acquiring network address", then stops. However, it will successfully connect to another network that is within range, so I'm pretty sure my wireless adapter isn't bad. Resetting the modem isn't producing any results.

    Mine is a Dell Inspiron 2200 running Windows XP SP3. I'm using the wireless adapter that came installed with the computer, my anti-virus (Norton 2012) is up to date, and Windows Firewall is turned on. According to the cable company, my OS is supposed to be compatible with the new modem. The modem is an Arris Telephony Gateway.

    Any ideas on possible causes and solutions?
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    Depending on the company some cable modems are just incompatible with Dell's, for example AT&T is like that, I have the same type of PC and had the same problem, with Microsoft Security Essentials @Tmagic.

    What I found fixed it at least for me, is to use a USB Wireless Adapter, because sometimes its just the internal adapter that causes the connection issues.

    Also, have you tried deleting the saved wireless settings for the network, and starting from scratch? Sometimes that will fix an intermittent issue.

    Feel free to message me if you want or need more assistance.
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    I finally did this, at the suggestion of one of my cable company's techs. It turned out it had been trying to connect using an invalid network key, which fixing the settings corrected. Thanks to both of you for responding so quickly, I appreciate it :)
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    Okay thanks for the update :)
  6. alexe3831

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    Thanks for letting us know:) Hope you dont have any other problems

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