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Dell latitude D600 master password needed

By JR188 · 11 replies
Jun 30, 2006
  1. I was wondering if u could be kind enough to help me out, I recently bought a dell d600 from a garage sale and when I first turn it on found a grey screen asking for password I then return to the person that sold it to me and the lady explain it was her sons laptop and had pass away from drug hover doss and
    did not know any history on it and could not help me so i beg for your understanding in my situation.
    your help would be appriciated
    service tag #B4GGS31-595B
  2. wolfram

    wolfram TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,831   +8

    You should remove your email, unless you want spam and viruses. You`ll hardly find someone that will reply to your email :)

    Check this thread HERE, it could help.

    Good luck, and Welcome to Techspot! :) :wave: :grinthumb :giddy: (i really like this little face :giddy: )

    Also, you can contact this member HERE. Send him a PM (private message), he has helped people with the same problems as yours!
  3. rustam_

    rustam_ TS Rookie

    because you dont allow to send to you mail, answer here
    Input: #B4GGS31-595B
    By service tag: JG3ZFM6G
  4. london111

    london111 TS Rookie

    Hi Rustam_

    Hope you can help me too. Very simply I have a new work laptop and a work issued external cdrom. I need to do some important work this weekend but they mis-configured the pc and I cannot connect the drive or my digital camara for the photos. As such I need the admin password, to change the boot order, to change the windows admin password, to enable installation of hardware under my user account. My work's only solution was to send the laptop back for them to rebuild and that will take 7 working days.

    Please help me, my service no. B2C3T0J-595B, and my email address is in my profile.

  5. Selicia

    Selicia TS Rookie

    hello rustam_

    So my boyfriend likes to brag about how dumb I am. (I'm blonde.) He doesn't WANT me to know how to do stuff on his computer. NOW I'm really in trouble cuz I defied him and used his laptop while he was out of town. I don't even know HOW I did it, but when I was done, it didn't work anymore. Somebody told me this is where to look for how to fix it. Please tell me I'm not so dumb to have found the right place! I've read lots of people's posts and it looks like I need to supply some numbers to get back in to his dell. The grey screen number (that never showed up before last night) is 16Q0F41-595B. Some other numbers on the bottom are: express service code, 2583268993, and another number is CN-0X2034-48643-41I-3484. It will be so cool to have things like they were before he left. He's coming home in the next day or two. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!?? If I survive this one, I'll always know something he doesn 't.
  6. 4618

    4618 TS Rookie

    Hi rustam! [your PM is full... I hope you read this - or maybe somebody else can help me?]

    It is so great that I found this thread and you - being able to help with Dell Master Passwords for the Administrator BIOS Password.

    I have a real problem with my current Dell Latitude D610 what I recently received from a former colleague, who left our department. I somehow feel disabled with my "baby", not having full access. The main problem is, that I would like to install a bigger harddisk, and that I would like to communicate via Bluetooth with my mobile phone. But this function for example is disabled :-((.

    The thing is, that the ex colleague who left us, somehow must have changed the pass, what was known before. Another guy who also already worked in the bios on this machine provided a password, but this didn't work. I would be so grateful if I could receive a positive answer from you.

    Here my data:It was really so good if I hear from you!

    Many thanks and best greetings, Thomas!
  7. ruud zaventem

    ruud zaventem TS Rookie

    Successful method to remove primary password from Dell Latitude D600

    The shortcut method from http://www.download.centre4service.com/home.html was precisely applied. The laptop was dissambled using the guidelines from www. support.dell.com. I only made a flexible device by soldering: thin pin - electrical wire – paperclip. The thin pin I put with some tape against one of the eeprom connections, the other one I kept in my hand for (dis)connesting with the other eeprom connection.

    The eeprom was located underneath the PCMCI slot, so the slot has to be removed. The eeprom is with some difficulty accessible after putting the palm rest back.
    The laptop will not start when the pins are shorted.
    You have to switch the power on, wait about 3-7 seconds, than short. The short has to be removed before the booting is complete (before the moving bar is at the end), otherwise the laptop will power off. I tried many times before it worked. One time I got press Fn-X, but the key board did not respond. Subsequently nothing seemed to have changed (pw was not deleted). I tried again may times and at one point I got “Invalid configuration, run setup program”. But again the keyboard did not respond, however, now this persisted. The laptop was dead. I tried booting from floppy but again the message “invalid…run setup”’ and no keyboard response. Funny enough after about 3 minutes it did continue and F2 became available. Now I could enter the setup program. Indeed the passwords were deleted. Interestingly the service tag was not deleted and shown.
  8. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 5,746   +14

    let's post in the correct forum from now on - laptops and mobile computing.
  9. net21

    net21 TS Rookie

    Dell Latitude D610

    Hola Rustam_
    requiero urgente de tu ayuda
    dell latitude d610 tiene bloqueada la bios
    Tag #JL3Z481-595B
    SExpres 426-353-313-61

    agradezco mucho tu ayuda
  10. net21

    net21 TS Rookie

    Dell Latitude D610

    Hola Rustam_ o quien pueda ayudarme
    requiero urgente de tu ayuda
    dell latitude d610 tiene bloqueada la bios
    Tag #JL3Z481-595B
    SExpres 426-353-313-61

    agradezco mucho tu ayuda
  11. sps

    sps TS Rookie

    hi rustam i know my request will annoy you but we donot have any other other person who could help us. SO please help me also .

    I had purchased a secondhand Dell latitude laptop D520 from ebay . When i received it was locked by bios password .I talked with seller about this problem but he refused to give me any kind of cooperation. It cost me around 400 dollars .

    It shows a grey screen with a meassage showing the following service tag


    i have already used latitude.exe dell master password generator but it doesn't work with this service tag.

    So sir now you are my last hope.so Pl if you can help me in any way to get the solution of this problem . I will be very very thankful to you.

  12. joss24

    joss24 TS Rookie

    Hi, Everybody

    I have the same problem as ruud zaventem with run SETUP freeze screen on D610.
    Laptop was not used for a while and/or HDD replaced so i dont know what to do :[
    What is the main solution to overcome this situation?
    Thank you in advance for any help.

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